Black People Don’t Hate White People. We Hate RACIST White People.

I know this may seem like a hard concept to grasp especially if you factor in the events over the last 2 weeks from Beyoncé to Kendrick Lamar.  But understand something white folks:  Black people do not hate white people.  We hate RACIST white people.  It’s really that simple.  So all of this “B-b-b-but, I’m not racist!” talk you hold onto for dear life every time there is a discussion about race, save it.  I’m not interested in hearing it.  The only thing I’m interested in knowing is..

If you are NOT racist, then what are you doing about all of the other white people that you know exist WHO ARE RACIST?

What are you doing?

Simply trying to defend your good name online in an attempt to separate yourself from those within white society who are racist doesn’t do shit to fix the problem.  As a matter of fact, it comes across as you trying to simply place yourself in a neutral zone as to where you don’t have to worry about potential consequences one way or the other.  You can say “I’m not racist.  I’m colorblind.  I’m this.  I’m that.” all day long & in the same breathe of life, not do anything to check those within your culture who are.  So as a Black person observing this behavior, how are we to honestly know how you really feel?  Are you telling Black people you are not racist in order to remain cool with Black people or are you not checking the racist white people you know exist for fear of being ostracized?  What are you doing?

I mean, if there is a cop out there just fucking up people in the streets for no damn reason beyond him willfully abusing his power & there is another so-called “good cop” who follows the rules & claims to have joined the force to truly protect & serve…well, if that good cop is not going all out to check the bad cop, then how in the world is the public to know who’s who?  To the public, they are all cops wearing the same uniform working for the same institution, so they must all believe in the same ideologies.  Correct?  Of course you are going to say no, but tell me, exactly how do I distinguish a good cop from a bad cop if the good cops aren’t doing shit to STOP THE BAD COPS?  I not interested in the good cop simply telling me he’s a good cop.  Show me how good you are by doing everything in your power to get Mr. Bad Cop fired or arrested for abusing his power.

Back to the “B-B-But I’m not racist” white folks crowd

Show me that you are not racist by doing everything in your power to call out, expose, & inflict some type of punishment on those white folks WHO ARE RACIST.  Don’t just sit here and tell me you’re “not like those other white people”.  How do I know?  For all I know, you can be in public chanting “I’M NOT RACIST!” and then go home to a house adorned in Confederate or Nazi paraphernalia.  How am I supposed to know?  Your words mean shit to me at this point.  I need to see action.  So the next time you have an issue with somebody like me using the words WHITE PEOPLE & you choose to leave a comment projecting your anger at me for using the words WHITE PEOPLE because you think I’m unfairly lumping non-racist white people into a group with racist white people….SHOW ME EXACTLY HOW YOU ARE DIFFERENT FROM THE RACIST WHITE PEOPLE BEYOND TELLING ME “B-B-BUT, I’M NOT RACIST!”

You know these racist white people exist in the world. You know they are the ONLY reason we have so much racial animosity these days.  Show me what you plan to do about them.  Don’t just sit in your “I’m not racist zone of neutrality”.  Prove to me that you are not racist.  Prove to me that you do not support any type of racism or oppression of non-white people.  Prove it.  If you can’t or refuse to prove it, then shut the fuck up when Black people generalize white people by saying the words WHITE PEOPLE.  We’re not about to go above & beyond trying to figure out who is who.  It’s simply too damn many of you.

Your favorite mulatto.