If A Race War Popped Off Tomorrow, Knee Grows Would Lose In 24 Hours

Listen up all you super duper pro-Black knee grows hailing from Blacklantis…

If there was ever a race war, your Black ass is going to lose.  And you’ll lose on day 1.  So get this dumb ass idea out of your head that somehow you think you are about to overthrow white people and/or white supremacy by force.  Not going to happen. Not today, not tomorrow, not next year, not 10 years from now, not in your lifetime.  Just stop fantasizing about it & find something productive to do with your life like, I don’t know…stand in line for some Jordans.

I’m not about to get all Gen. George Patton on you, but I did serve 13 years in the military once upon a time.  So I know a lil something something about warfare…just a lil.  But I will try to break this idea of a race war down in the simplest terms I can conjure up in my brain to help you understand why Black people will lose.  Truth be told it’s really only a few reasons.

  1. You don’t own any weapons’ manufacturing facilities.  White folks got that shit on lock.  You honestly think white folk are about to sell you weapons to be used against them in a race war?  Fuck outta here.
  2. White folks stand in line for guns like Black folks stand in line for Jordans or Beyoncé tickets.  White folks take this 2nd Amendment shit to heart.  White people will sacrifice a child before they sacrifice giving up a gun.
  3. It’s at least 200 million white people in America versus about maybe 45 million Black people.  That’s about 4 white people for every 1 Black person.  Do the math.  Their “army” is 4 times bigger than ours.  You’re not about to have a super knee grow moment and start fucking up white folks all willy nilly.  It’s not going to happen considering most of you moist dudes can’t fight.  Have you watched a Worldstar fight video lately?
  4. Most knee grows don’t even like dealing with other knee grows as evidenced by our unwillingness to practice Black economic empowerment on a massive scale (but I digress).  But seriously, how you gonna go to war against white society when you can’t even unite with the nigga down the block because his rims are cleaner than yours?  Not gonna happen.
  5. White folks dress for war damn near 24/7 (at least where I live).  Every time I step out of the house I see a bunch of white people wearing camo pattern outfits, mostly hunting attire, but still…that can easily be converted to warfare attire.  How you gonna go to war with white society in skinny jeans that sag?  I don’t see how it’s possible.
  6. Lastly, the last 50 years white society has been rather tame in their treatment of Black people when compared to the last 500 years or so.  So don’t get it twisted, there are tons of white folks begging & pleading for some shit to pop off, ask Dylan Roof.  For at least the last 50 years white folks have been stock piling munitions & getting their target practice on while too many Black folks have been stock piling fantasies about becoming the next rapper to blow up off of a mix tape.  Let’s just keep it real here.

In all seriousness, if a race war broke out tomorrow, niggas would be dead in 24 hours.  It doesn’t matter if you are a super duper pro black from Blacklantia preaching the good Hotep word, a gangstalicious type, a super thug, a super nerd, or you live your life for cooning & buffooning.  If a war popped off tomorrow, it’s a wrap for Black people.  I’m just being honest.

Your favorite mulatto.

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