Conservative Media is Our Modern J. Edgar Hoover

Onyx Contributor:  Johnny Silvercloud (@JohnnySilverclo)

Today I had the opportunity to witness a very interesting thing:  Charlamagne Tha God in an actual discussion/debate with conservative network host Tomi Lahren.  If anyone hasn’t been tracking, Tomi Lahren is a media personality who sought to anathematize Beyonce by stating clear falsehoods, such as the Black Panthers were a terrorist group… you know, the typical conservative blatant lie game.

After looking at this interesting debate, there’s a lot of things I noticed:

  1. Tomi (Conservative) continued to repeat the same flawed talking about over and over, even after being corrected.  Any greater level of new information from Charlamagne concerning the Black Panthers was completely ignored by the conservative media host. (not surprising)
  2. The Blaze (the conservative media giant Tomi works for) has a copy of this debate boasting six minutes and nineteen seconds (6:19) while DJ Akademiks Media has a copy that’s seventeen minutes and fifty seconds (17:50) which is 283% bigger.  The clipping and doctoring of this debate is pretty blatant and assumes people are idiots.  Well, most conservatives are, but that’s not the point.
  3. Interesting but not surprising, there’s an ongoing necrophilic, dickriding relationship conservatives hold on Martin Luther King.  You know how Romans murdered Jesus and made him their religious hero years after his death, and act like they were on #TeamJesus the whole time?  This is precisely what Whiteness — A.K.A. American Conservatism — does.  American conservatives, who already borders unadulterated fascism, are the ones who murdered MLK only to gather a necrophilic relationship with him roughly thirty years down the line.  The historical revisionism is striking; much like how Whiteness doesn’t know the difference between a peaceful activist and a full blown extremist today, they didn’t know or even care to know the difference between a Black Panther, MLK or Malcolm X in the time at which they were among the living.  The truth is, white people by and large were NOT on #TeamMLK when he was alive.
  4. Strange but predictable was the act that she, a white person who really doesn’t give a damn about black heroes, who honestly probably doesn’t know shit about MLK other than ONE FREAKING SPEECH he gave, thinks SHE as a white person is the ruling authority to tell a black person — black people by extent — who they should deem their heroes.  Keep in mind in regards to black historical figures she’s clearly outmatched and outclassed in every way; Mr. Tha God knows more, appreciates more, and understands more of black history and black people than she can ever gather.  You’d think there has to be some sort of basic common sense she has that tells her that she can’t tell someone else who they should champion.  To put this into perspective, imagine telling a Chinese person that they shouldn’t champion Sun Tzu, Confucius Bruce Lee or whoever… but you’re not Chinese.  In fact, you despise Chinese.  There’s a thick and heavy disdain of Chinese in the air wherever you are, and you think you hide it, but everyone in the room knows it.  And here you are trying to tell Chinese people who they should champion.  This is precisely how white people are with black people on a daily basis.  Being that Tomi does this repeatedly with reckless abandon, she’s clearly #TeamWhiteSupremacy, not #TeamMLK.

1960s?  FBI = J. Edgar Hoover

The biggest thing that sparked my interest was when she insinuated that the Black Panthers were terrorists, just because the FBI hunted them down and killed them all.  The strange thing that she’s missing is the undeniable FACT that both Martin Luther King and the Black Panthers were targeted by the FBI.  In fact, J. Edgar Hoover targeted a lot of people.  J. Edgar Hoover targeted at least, give or take, one metric shit ton of people.  J. Edgar Hoover should be, at the very least, understood as a literal real life American villain.  I think Tomi’s ignorance must have blinded Charlamagne, because you cannot buttress your claim of the Black Panthers were terrorists by stating “well the FBI targeted them, therefore I’m right,” and get away with it with me.  The FBI targeted Malcolm X, MLK and the Black Panthers between 1960-1970.  During that time, FBI equals J. Edgar Hoover.  It would be more accurate to say J. Edgar Hoover targeted them all with the FBI.


When I look at history during that time, I also remember COINTELPRO.  For those who don’t know, COINTELPRO was a program J. Edgar Hoover initiated to dismantle and destroy whoever he wanted to.  COINTELPRO was engaged in infiltrating, discrediting and disrupting domestic political organizations and protesters which include not only the Black Panthers but also Martin Luther King.  While they could have out right assassinated people (and they did), they engaged in numerous false flag activities which were made to curve negative opinion onto whoever the target was.  Imagine if someone was disguised as your mom and then robbed a liquor store.  Everyone thinks your mom did it.  That’s what a false flag operation is.  In fact, I’ll go as far as saying the “New Black Panthers” who strangely, like a psychological warfare device, always show up on Fox News… are probably remnants of the Black Panther false flag operation.

Conservative Media is our J. Edgar Hoover

I gotta admit; Tomi got me thinking.  The more I observe conservative media, the more a begin to realize that they are our modern day J. Edgar Hoover.  There’s the internet that exists now, so how the hell can someone be a paid news anchor and state blatant lies?  Especially about civil rights protesters?  While there’s no J. Edgar over the FBI (but they do come close), this doesn’t mean that the essence of the man is gone.  Why would a J. Edgar be needed in the FBI, when Fox News and the rest of conservative media does the job as is?  J. Edgar Hoover would LOVE the idea of running a 24 “news” network, especially how they are ran now.  Last year, O’Reilly of Fox News immediately began this misinformation campaign against Black Lives Matter protesters.  Hannity has always engaged in these misinformation campaigns.  Now, this Tomi chick off of The Blaze.  It’s not looking like it’s going to cease either.  Conservative media is our modern J. Edgar Hoover.

One counter-argument would be the fact that Fox News and friends don’t have an executive arm to shoot and kill its targets.  But why bother in militarizing itself, when it can boast outright support for blatantly corrupt, racist police officers on a localized level wherever they are?  Even the police in Ferguson engaged in psychological warfare akin to COINTELPRO when they began dressing up people like pure criminals over minor law infractions.  Why do things on a national level when it’s easier to do on a local government level?  It’s infinitely easier to pull off, and being on the localized level grants a greater invisibility that the federal (FBI) level doesn’t have.  So in the end, conservative media don’t need a militarized arm, all it needs to do is keep on cheerleading for police to continue to conduct themselves as a totalitarian Gestapo force in black communities.  Conservative media IS our modern J. Edgar Hoover.

I’m really beginning to believe this idea.  I’m starting to believe that these conservative new anchors are trained, not by government but by their executives, how to pivot discussions, how to repeat misinformation, how to turn heads, how to rile up white people.  Charlamagne Tha God was technically, had this been 1962, talking to a COINTELPRO agent whose totally bought in on J. Edgar Hoover’s deeply conservative ideology.  This claim is buttressed by the indisputable fact that calling the Black Panthers a “terrorist group” is a J. Edgar Hoover talking point. It’s right out of his playbook; he made that shit up.  To repeat his misinformation campaign COINTELPRO propaganda on a mass media platform is to function as so.

I don’t know where we go from here, but we do need to begin recognizing the threat.  J. Edgar Hoover happened due to unchecked power; he was in power unrivaled for 37 years straight.  If 37 years of power can corrupt one man, imagine how 400 years of white supremacy can corrupt a white person’s mind.  Trust me; they are J. Edgar.

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