White People, Stop Telling Black People How To Celebrate Blackness

Quick question:  Have you ever met a Black person trying to tell a white person how to celebrate being white or whom they should be celebrating that was white?  I haven’t.  So why do they always try to do this to us?

According to the dominant society, if you are Black there is only one Black icon you are allowed to honor in this country & that icon is none other than Dr. Martin Luther King.  No Malcolm X, no Black Panthers, no Medgar Evers, no Marcus Garvey, not your momma or your daddy, or the nigga down the street who always got the hook up.  Just MLK.  That’s it.  End of discussion.

Listen white folks, pay close attention:

Some of you are so damn paranoid & scared of Black people celebrating Blackness that it’s getting to the point of pure insanity.  Who are you tell Black people who we should be honoring in the Black community?  If we want to celebrate Huey P. Newton, Bobby Seale, Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey, or any other Black icon outside of MLK…then who are you tell us otherwise?  Do you honestly believe that your whiteness grants you the authority to tell Black people whom you consider to be safe & how we should be celebrating them?  Some of you muhfuggas have completely lost your gawtdarn minds.  Some of you are so damn twisted in your way of thinking that the very man you claim all of Black society should be looking to as an example of how to conduct oneself (MLK) is the VERY MAN white society put a bullet in, cutting his life short at the age of 39.  The same knee grow who (as of recently) has become the default template of what white America considers to be Black excellence:  wears suits, preferred peaceful protesting/demonstrating…is the same man who didn’t live to see the age of 40 no matter how “peaceful & proper” he came off.  So now a bunch of you in the dominant society are all in your feels because a lot of us in Black society choose to place the legacy of Malcolm X & the BPP on just as high a pedestal of that of MLK because Malcolm & the BPP weren’t about that “turning the other cheek life”.  They were about the action of doing whatever was necessary to rightfully protect themselves.

I wish some of you white folks would just admit it to yourselves that you honestly don’t give a damn about who we choose to celebrate or how we choose to celebrate Blackness.  The only thing you all are concerned about is how this celebration of Blackness is disrupting your comfort in whiteness.  But that’s not Black folks problem.  It’s yours.  If you stop treating everything as anti-white & just let Black folks do their thing, then guess what, I’m more than positive you will continue to keep on keeping on with your life however it was prior to you finding offense in Blackness.  If not, then….every time you see a Black person standing tall in Blackness, I honestly hope it makes you cry.  I honestly hope that every time you see a Black person doing some fly ass shit in Blackness it makes you have a mental breakdown.  Some of you people….my goodness.  Some of you people…I just don’t know.

As far as comparing the BPP to KKK, just stop the madness.  Just stop.  No seriously, just stop.  Stop trying to compare a group of Black people who were doing their best to protect their community from unapologetic racists to that of an actual domestic terrorist group with a long documented history of terrorizing & killing the shit out of Black people.  I swear some of you honestly must have some sort of mental issue going on as to where you legitimately cannot tell the difference between a group that was defending itself versus a group that was terrorizing others.  My goodness.

Here, I’ll let this brotha below explain this better:

“Until someone can show me a single White child brutally tortured and murdered by the Black Panthers (Emmett Till), a single White woman gang raped by Black Panthers (Harriet Smirl), a single White church firebombed by the Black Panthers (16th Street Baptist Church), a single White man castrated by the Black Panthers (Judge Aaron), a single White preacher whose face was blown off by Black Panthers for registering White people to vote (George Lee), a single White man who was tied to the back of a truck and dragged along the asphalt until his body disintegrated who had BPP carved into his disembodied torso by the Black Panthers (James Byrd), a single White couple blown up in their home for demanding Whites being allowed to vote, by the Black Panthers (Harry and Harriette Moore, I could go on and on and on and on).  I’d better not hear any comparison made between the Black Panther Party and the Ku Klux Klan.”Victor Bradley

Your favorite mulatto.

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