Seductive Mixtape Series #11: For The Ladies

This post is late, but yesterday was Valentine’s Day.  Hopefully, you had a great romantic day or a day of great self-reflection.  (Let’s say that I enjoyed reflecting yesterday…lol.)  Most men feel that it is more for the ladies anyway.  Therefore the last in my set of “Get You Ready for Valentine’s Day” posts within the Seductive Mixtape Series is for the ladies.  Forgive me for being late, but the songs below make for good background noise for another romantic occasion.

This one is for those women that make the effort to do a lil something extra to make their man feel special.  This is dedicated to you, and may these songs below help you make your special moments, like Valentine’s Day or a snow day, even more special…and seductive.  Let’s get it!!


Song #1: Strawberries – Smooth

Hip hop heads may recognize the beat from Mobb Deep’s song (my favorite), Temperature’s Rising.  Old heads may recognize the beat (the original) from Patrice Rushen’s, Where There is Love.  Somewhere between the two mentioned songs came the hot hip hop track from Smooth.

Coming from the same camp that started Kid N Play and Salt and Pepa, Smooth had some great hits with a mixture of sex appeal and toughness.  The song of subject is my favorite though.  She gives you an easy recipe for a good night y’all…Strawberries….Candlelight….Hennessy.  Simple!! SIGN…ME…UP.  She accentuates the singing and rapping with phrases like, “I’m freaky” and “I like that”.

Ladies, this is one of those songs you play after you get out of the shower, and you are vacuuming the carpet or changing your sheets before your man is coming over.

The original version is below.  Also check out the Computer Love Remix to this song as well.



Song #2: It Must Be Love – The Good Girls

I was reunited with this song late one night while the Centric or VH1 Soul channel was playing some music videos late one night.  Stunning is an understatement for the three women who popped up on my TV screen.  It was the 90s, and this had to be one of the hottest videos at the time.  The Good Girls were like the female version of Bell Biv Devoe, and I had a boyhood crush on them…all three of them…lol.

The song is kinda fast, but has a groove that kinda is seductive as it amps you up.  Fellas, you can imagine your girl doing the wop and the running man as she gets ready for you to come through.  Ladies, play this one right after playing the one above…lol.

The video is all that!!  Fellas, having a bad day?  Play this video.  We’re talking three LOVELY ladies wearing  skimpy outfits as they roll around in sheets and tubs.  THE GOOD GIRLS!!!  (The color white is overwhelming in the video…lol.)



Song #3: If You Let Me – The Floacist

This song is purely poetry with music behind it.  This one has deep lyrics spoken, more than sung, over a hypnotic beat.  I can attest to the hypnotic and magical feel of this as it has been one that I have played on repeat during a romantic…umm, date.

Ladies, this is the perfect “get the hint” song.  No denying what your intention is as The Floacist says “If you let me, I’d love to, baby, would you…let me.”  The video has eye candy for both men and women.  Nudity, tattoos, slow intertwining bodies, glowing and fading lights….lol.  Simple, yet powerful.  Enjoy!!


Note to the readers:  I appreciate the support and love from my readers.  I need some feedback!!  Let me know if you like the song choices in this series.  Let me know what songs that I might have missed.  Feel free to hit me up at [email protected] with your feedback, ideas, and suggestions.  Feel the music, live the music!!DanteD

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