Kendrick Lamar Just Won The 2016 “Blackety Black” Award

If you thought Beyoncé’s Super Bowl 50 performance was the Blackest thing you’ve seen this year…WRONG.  Kendrick Lamar went full blown…I’m Black y’all, I’m Black y’all.  I’m Blackety Black and I’m Black y’all!

It’s one thing to wear a Black Lives Matter t shirt around white folks, it’s another thing to celebrate the history of the Black Panther Party at the Super Bowl.  Now once you get on stage at the most prestigious music award show & start throwing up a gigantic image of the continent of Africa in a room full of majority white folks on TV, while being watched by majority white folks live…you just crossed into the realm of Bliggety Black Black and there is no coming back.

This week’s forecast is going to be filled up with at least 3 days of white tears.  So pack an umbrella.


You gotta love it.

Your favorite mulatto.


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