Seductive Mixtape Series #10: The Weeknd

The Weeknd (yes, that is the correct spelling) is one of those artists that I have to take in spurts.  Kinda like Sade or Kelly Price.  Too much at one time may make you do dumb things like open up that second bottle, question your life decisions, or drunk dial someone at 2 AM…some shit like that.  Regardless, I have to give props where props are due; The Weeknd is quite entertaining whether you like his voice, his kinda dark quality, or his drug-related lyrics.  You can really disregard the words in most of his songs and just feel the vibe…real talk.

I will throw out a few of his songs that caught my attention and could be a potential on one of my mood-making soundtracks.


Song #1 – Wicked Games
This lyrics of this song are seriously f’ed up.  A smooth groove smacked with lyrics of drugs and cheating on your wife.  Wow….I mean, damn!!  I know, I know.  Dante, why would you put this on a mixtape?  Well, this song kinda draws you in.  I can’t really explain it.  It is still a “get on with the get on” track.  Maybe it’s a track to get a lovely lady to strip to (I’m just playing…unless you gonna do it.)

The original video is boring as hell, but the video below was made by a theater group or some fans or something.  This video is even more f’ed up than the song in my opinion, but I can’t…stop…watching…it.  (You see that one must sign in to see this age-restricted video.)  I was like “Oh shit!” toward the end of the video.  Damn.

Don’t play this one if you have some regrets about something or overly stressed.  If you are lying next to your sidepiece and feeling bad about what you just did, you might cry if you play this.  LOL.  Hopefully, you can just ride the vibe and keep it moving.  ENJOY!!


Song #2 – Drinks on Us (J-Louis Remix)
This is another one of those where the remix is way better than the original.  In this mix, the lyrics are kinda garbled, but the bass is heavy and the beat is da bomb!  Who gives a damn about what he is saying anyway?  The feeling of this song is electric.  It kinda reminds me of those scenes in a movie when the two people look each other in the eyes and know that it is on and popping, then the music cues in.  This is the type of song in which you lean in for that first kiss.  Play this when your “Netflix and Chill” session gets real…haha.

I don’t know who J-Louis is, but I appreciate this remix.  Not only is it seductive-mixtape-worthy, it sounds great in the ride.  I really like the part at the end when it starts to slow down before the song fades out.


Song #3 – What You Need (Chopped and Screwed)
This song…..THIS SONG!!  The original version is worthy all by itself, but a properly “chopped and screwed” version of this is phenomenal.  Y’all know how I stay playing some “chopped and screwed” music!  From the sampled Aaliyah part at the beginning to The Weeknd’s voice slowed down, the nature of this track screams seduction.  Fellas, pour your lady another glass to this song.  Ladies, make up a routine to this.  Dim the lights when this song starts.  Yessir!!  You’re welcome.

I almost placed this song in my upcoming “Captain Sav-A-Hoe” category (coming soon to Onyx Truth – stay tuned), but I just had to drop it here.  In saying that, fellas, if you are the sidepiece or “Boyfriend #2”, this is a cool track to play if you are trying to convey that you want a status change.  (Note:  I am not endorsing sidepieces, Boyfriend #2s, or breaking an already established booty call contract.)

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