Seductive Mixtape Series #9: Chopped and Screwed

Ever since I heard the chopped and screwed version of Bizounce by Olivia, I have been a fan of that variety of music.  I was also blessed to live in Texas during the rise of “Chopped and Screwed” music.  I remember seeing Fat Pat performing in Austin and bobbed my head whenever someone drove by blasting some “slowed and throwed” UGK or Lil Flip.  Shout out to my peeps in Houston for they were the ones that put me on to the mixtape series of slowed and chopped versions of the latest RnB tracks meant to get the mood started.  Of course, I’m talking about the “F!@k Action” compilations.  Basically, I am a huge fan.  I mean…I am such a fan that I often play chopped and screwed music at work when the stress demons try to take my sanity.

Given my affinity to this type of music, I am way overdue to type up a mixtape series post that lists some of my favorites that I suggest adding to your repository of love-making music.  Just because you slow a song down and add a couple of repetitive chops doesn’t make it a great “chopped and screwed” song.  The chops have to be at the right time and should enhance the relaxing or sexy mood that slowing a song down should embody.

Yeah, yeah…I know what some of you are going to say…”It makes the women sound like dudes.”  And blah.  And blah.  See, I want you to feel the essence and flavor that chopped and screwed brings.  If you are busy worrying about how the women sound when playing the songs below, you ain’t busy doing something right.  I’M.  JUST.  SAYING.


Song #1: Anytime, Anyplace (R. Kelly Remix) – Janet Jackson
First, let’s start with the slowed/chopped version of one of the sexiest Janet Jackson songs ever.  I gave some commentary about the song in one of my previous posts so I won’t put it all in here again.  So now, feeling all of that and then this version takes it to another level.  WHOA!!!!!

I’m saying this is a song that you can use for foreplay, the main event, catching your breath, round 2….I think you see what I’m saying.  Chopping and screwing this songs simply adds another layer of sexiness to an already sexy song.  WHEW!!!!!  Note – all chopped versions are not created equal, but the one below is my favorite.  Check it out!!



Song #2: Love Thirst – Jean Grae
Anyone who really knows me (or read some of my posts in the Seductive Mixtape Series) knows that I have a growing crush on the best female MC to bless the microphone, Jean Grae.  The original version of this goes hard…the remix with Busta Rhymes goes hard…. This chopped and screwed version is probably one of the most played songs in my playlist.  I meditate to this song….among other things…real talk.  It is so relaxing!  The music comes in like, “It’s about to go down.”  The moans and sounds in the background adds substantial stimulation as the lyrical prowess of Queen Jean hits you with imagery that….that…(My bad.  I just had a moment).  How does a woman so raw with them bars sound even more RAW (and PROVOCATIVE)?!?  Jean, will you be my valentine? (I’m so serious.)  #teamjean #quenchmythirst

She has the same seductive feel in another one of my favorites, underneathu.  Shout out to the DJ who chopped this one RIGHT!!  Enjoy this now and set it up to enjoy later (Ya feel me?).  You’re welcome.



Song #3: Say Yes – Floetry
This version of this song right here will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!  At least your bedroom life will change…real talk.  The original version is dynamic enough to be a top hit in anyone’s seductive mixtape, but the chopped and screwed version (in the video below) gives the already sensual and amorous feelings inducing song such a boost!  BRUH!!

Ladies…Fellas…trust me!!  Play this version during your next…um, session, and put it on repeat.  The chops are all in the right places.  The fades, flanders, and effects make this probably my favorite chopped and screwed song of all time.  The DJ deserves an award for “Best Chopped and Screwed Love Song Ever.”  No other version did it like this…period.  You will definitely “Say Yes” if the one you are with turns down the lights as they turn up the volume to this one.


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