Apparently It’s Racist To Call White People “White People”

In case you didn’t get the memo, apparently it’s racist to call white people “WHITE PEOPLE”.  No seriously.  I’m not lying.  Real talk, some WHITE PEOPLE take offense to being called “WHITE PEOPLE”.   I’m not making this up.  My last article, which can be found HERE, woke up the White Tears Committee and all day yesterday I was getting message after message from WHITE FOLKS calling me racist for using the term WHITE PEOPLE.  What was really going on was, the WHITE FOLKS who were hitting me up had an issue with me lumping all WHITE PEOPLE together under the umbrella of “WHITE PEOPLE”.  To that I could understand especially considering how every time there is something going on that affects Black society, WHITE PEOPLE are quick to toss out the words BLACK PEOPLE.  You know like, “Chicago is so dangerous, BLACK PEOPLE need to fix their own issues!”  First of all, Chicago does not represent all of BLACK SOCIETY & I don’t even live near an area where violence is that high.  Or how about this one, “We have a BLACK President, what are BLACK PEOPLE complaining about?”  Who’s complaining & what does having a BLACK President have to do with any topic that isn’t centered around politics or the actual President?

So it seems like it’s cool to generalize BLACK PEOPLE when discussing an issue about a BLACK PERSON, but it’s racists & offensive to generalize WHITE PEOPLE when discussing an issue pertaining to a member of WHITE SOCIETY.  Ok.

I’m an Army vet.  I served 13 years on active duty in the US Army before being medically discharged due to injuries I received while deployed to the MidEast.  While I was in the Army we use to have to attend these meetings at the butt crack of dawn in an auditorium called a NCODP.  That stands for Non-Commissioned Officer Development Program.  These meetings were usually led by either the company 1SG or the BN or BDE CSM.  If you are not familiar with Army acronyms…google it.  During these meetings, the 1SG or the CSM would ALWAYS ALWAYS….ALWAYS open his/her remarks with something along of the lines of saying:

“If this doesn’t apply to you, then don’t worry about it.  Just keep on doing the right thing.  If you see your battle buddy that this may apply to, you need to tighten him/her up.”  Then the 1SG or CSM would proceed to give a 5-10 minute speech about how all of the NCOs under his/her direct leadership were fucking up.  Even though the 1SG’s or CSM’s remarks were geared only for select individuals, they always felt the need to address everybody in a group forum so that it may serve as a warning for others who may be on the verge of fucking up.

So how does this relate to WHITE PEOPLE?  Simple.

Just like my old 1SGs & CSMs would say:

“If this doesn’t apply to you, then don’t worry about it.  Just keep on doing the right thing.  If you see your fellow WHITE PERSON that this may apply to, you need to tighten him/her up.”

Meaning, if the things I write about in relation to WHITE SOCIETY do not apply to you (like you not being a racist), then don’t worry about it.  If you as a WHITE PERSON see another WHITE PERSON doing or saying some potentially racist shit, check them on their actions & attitudes.  Don’t get mad at me, the BLACK PERSON, for calling out members of your group that ARE racist or just completely FUBAR (military slang for FUCKED UP BEYOND ALL RECOGNITION/REPAIR/REASON/REDEMPTION).

So in the end WHITE PEOPLE, if there is content on this website about WHITE PEOPLE that you know for a fact does not apply to you, then don’t take it personal.  I’m speaking to the group.  If I decide to make content about you, I’ll just call you out by name.  Sure all WHITE PEOPLE aren’t bad or racist.  I get it.  But apparently there are more than enough who are hence the reason for a lot of the content on this website in the first damn place.

PS:  shout out to the admitted & proud Ku Klux Klan member who just happens to read this website quite regularly & felt the need to let me know how he feels about niggers after my last article.

Your favorite mulatto.

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