Seductive Mixtape Series #8: Alexander O’Neal

Quick Rant – A friend of mine told me after reading a previous entry in the Mixtape Series, “You know that everyone doesn’t feel music the way that you do, right?”  My response was, “So.  This isn’t for them.  These are for the ones that appreciate a good love song or want to enhance those special moments with background music.”

I like to write about songs that make you say, “Oh, I remember that one” or “I’ve never heard of that one.”  Being somewhat of an empath (and a hopeless, yet logical, romantic), I truly feel the emotion and romanticism that the songs that I write about exemplifies.  There aren’t too many things better than to be truly be in love and be loved by a special someone.  When it comes time to physically express that, wouldn’t it be nice to amp the vibe some?  So….if that doesn’t move you, then read the songs as music to relax to or to just simply get it on to.  LOL.  Ok, rant over.


Not too many are smoother than the man named above.  This brother might have had some rough patches in his life and career, but he has bellowed some of the most powerful and memorable love ballads ever (at least in my opinion).  The almost leader of “The Time” and the co-singer of one of the hottest duets in RnB (w/ Cherrelle), Alexander O’Neal has lent his powerful and soulful voice to head-bobbing jams as well as mood-making narratives.  Usually dapper in a suit, you can see the emotion in his face of this “Classic Man” in every concert and video.


Song #1: If You Were Here Tonight
Probably one of his best known songs, this quiet storm track is a true classic love song.  Real words and real desire with a real singer to express it.  Let’s start at the first words of this song, “As the night moves in, love takes on new meaning.”  That might have gone over some of your heads (no offense), but a true love and love-making junkie gets the gist.  Anyway, this is my short summary…ready?  This dude sings a song about regretting how he messed up and how he would make the receiver of the soulful words understand the plight and anguish that he is feeling if and only if she was there with him.  Yo!!!  For anyone that has been in that situation, this is your soundtrack.  Check out some of the lyrics.

“Can’t you understand it? / Girl, you know how much I care. / It’s not the way I planned it. / If you could only know my feelings, you would know how much I do believe…if you were here tonight.”

The video was kinda weird, but that is not the point.  Check it out (as I sing, “This bed’s too big…for me to be in alone.”  What?!?)


Song #2: Sentimental
This is real RnB!  Not the crap that is out today.  Yeah, there are a few songs that are cool, but most of the new ish doesn’t have the weight and the power as songs like this.  You can apply this song to your family, your friends, your wife/husband, and your lover.  We will focus on the lover part.

The lyrics are simple and tell an endearing appreciation for that someone special.  The laid back groove of this one is good for a candlelight dinner or enjoying the mood of a candle-lit bedroom with the one that truly brightens up your day.  It is good for reminiscing about past good times or as you make new ones.  Either way, add this one to your repertoire when you get tired of playing Sexual Healing every time.

Beautiful!  Powerful!  You will agree.


Song #3: The Morning After

Y’all just gotta follow me on this one.  I recently came across this song and was mad that I missed out on it for so long.  Imagine a moment when you wake up lying next to someone special…the sun creeping in the bedroom as you are beaming from the “festivities” the night before.  You look at the person lying there and feel the warmth of emotion telling you or confirming that she/he is the one.  In celebration, you have to follow up the special night with another round of magic before you both depart.  Maybe my romantic side is acting up again, but that is the moment that you want!!  That is what this song means.  #relationshipgoals #wakemeup #shhhhhhiiiiii

Check it out!  Great instrumentation and composition with Alex doing his distinctive passionate vocals along with beautiful backup singing.  This is one of my new mixtape (or playlist) favorites.  Warning:  Play this one at the right moment with the right one.  Don’t let the gravity of the song pull you into making a moment with the wrong one.  LOL.