My Race

Onyx Contributor:  Stephanie Monk (@stephinitely666)

My race is so broken
So felonious and weak
My race is self-hating
Spewing that hate onto others
As though we should all compete

My race is neglectful
It is absorbent and abhorrent
We leech from others
We call it our freedom
As though appropriation isn’t a form of torment

My race does not think as a race
We can’t understand unity
We hate seeing other races achieve what we can’t
And we destroy

My race can’t think objectively
Can’t just look at cold hard facts
Instead we’d rather criticize
We’d rather cut you down
Facts don’t matter when you live in a system that supports

And my race doesn’t care if their neighbor’s house is burning
We’d rather not get involved
Well conditioned
To just not evolve

My race is comfortable in their void filled realm

Driving a boat of ignorance and YES
Are at the helm

My race doesn’t see a need to wake up and
To support empathetically and fight for other’s rights
As though we don’t have great power
In our own numbers

We are the majority
We succumb to our own structure
Groomed to not stand up against
All these corporations and monsters

We don’t even fight for ourselves
We just eat what we are given
Laziest of all and yet act like we’re so much better while our
Is just killin’

Our black brothers and sisters but we don’t see it that way, no
We’d rather think we’re something special

Condemning those united

Who the FUCK are WE
We’re the WHITE RACE

We take
We destroy
We condemn
We erase

We say it’s not about race
Our whole COUNTRY was built on race!

Our race did this

Our race destroyed native lives

Our race stole land

Our race stole PEOPLE and treated them like chattel

Patricia, you support “second amendment rights” when your hubby picks up all those guns
The minute you see your black neighbor with one, suddenly it’s a problem
Are you for the rights of YOU or the rights of ALL?
Black people taking up arms and who could possibly blame them
In a country constantly attempting to erase them

Chad, you great great great great great grandmother was Native?
Your great great great great great grandfather STOLE HER

Becky, your boyfriend is black when you don’t want to be called out
On erasing the very race you try to use selfishly
As a
Against the truth of your ingrained white supremacy

Todd, you spent time in jail for dealing weed yet got out so quick?
You had the opportunity to rebuild
The privilege of the benefit of the doubt
Our race gets second chances
If you were a black 16 year old you’d never get that chance
You’d likely not even get the privilege of having your damn day in court!

Sharon, you can’t unite with Black Women unless you can silence them on affirming their race?
You’re not a fucking feminist if you’re letting women suffer because you don’t want them to
Own their skin.

OH and you don’t like body shaming when you’re called fat

Yet here you are



Ignoring the very real struggles they face because it makes you so
To talk about

Brandon, you think there’s a bigger picture; “it’s all a government conspiracy to keep us separated”
Yet there you are keeping with that separation instead of uniting because the truth

OUR RACE keeps us from uniting
OUR RACE is why it took over four hundred years to end slavery
OUR RACE is why it took HOW MANY years for black people to even have the right to vote?
Trick question, there are still powers preventing that and there you are
On the shoulders of the roads in Selma
Here in 2016
Preventing it from changing

My race
Mad about black women affirming their beautiful blackness
Loving themselves unapologetically

Unapologetically letting our comfortability and ignorance keep us from progressing
But don’t you dare be unapologetic about embracing yourself, your culture, your race
That would mean we would have to look at our race as it was
As it still is

My race
My fucking race
We barely speak to our own families
Avoid the neighbors
Stay clear of real conversation-when is the snow starting again, Karen?

We won’t ever get it together
Togetherness is too strange a concept
Once we were told we couldn’t come together to hang negros
To outwardly oppress
To outwardly spew hate

JK, there’s always a Trump rally tomorrow.  Those days didn’t really go away.

My race.
My fucking race.
This white system
MY white race
Has succeeded in achieving the great division and white supremacy it sought.

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