If Being Pro-Black Means One Is Racist, Well…White Folks Taught Us

I’m going to go ahead & call it:  2016 shall be the year of White Tears.

Seriously, that’s all I seem to read about these days on social media.  White folks sniveling about Black people doing some fly ass Black shit.  Now we got white folks drowning in tears about Black History Month for crying out loud.  You can read this thread HERE on Facebook to see nothing but comments smashed together in a white tear orgy.  White folks are really in their feels this year.

Here’s the thing white folks that I want you to comprehend:

If you think Black folks celebrating being Black means Black folks are being racist or prejudiced towards white folks, well…you can only blame yourselves for that.  We learned it from you.

Slavery started in 1619 & legally ended in 1865.  That’s 246 years of non-stop white pride & celebration.  Jim Crow laws legally started in 1877 (but went into effect the day after slavery ended in 1865) and lasted all the way up until 1954, but they weren’t completely removed from American society until 1965.  That’s another 100 years of non-stop white pride & celebration.  So we’re looking at a grand total of 346 documented years of non-stop white pride & celebration built off the backs of oppressing Black people.  As we all should know by now, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was nothing more than a bill that legally forced white society to “tolerate” Black society.  So here we are in the year 2016 & Black society has only experienced true “freedom” for just a mere 52 years.  That’s a mere 52 years that Black folks were not forced to live up under a society that celebrated white pride non-stop.

So white America, if you are shedding white tears on a daily basis, you mean to tell me that Black folks are not allowed to celebrate Black pride, Black history, or anything that is just straight up Blackedy-Blackedy-Black-Black y’all?  I mean damn, we’ve been “celebrating” white shit for 3 centuries now.  We’ve been celebrating white history & culture for so long that unfortunately there are too many members of Black society who don’t even know their own history & culture thanks to another timeless celebration known as whitewashing.

I mean damn white America, your culture has practiced at least 3 centuries of flat out racism & prejudice with absolutely no fucks given, but the moment a brotha or sista pumps a Black fist in the air, or wants to remind Black people about the atrocities of slavery, or a sista like Beyoncé decides to pay tribute to the Black Panthers (a group whose mission was to encourage Black empowerment)…all of a sudden it’s a problem.  In our measly 52 years of legalized “freedom”, some of you white folks honestly have an issue with Black folks literally LEARNING FROM YOU.  We literally LEARNED over 346 years what it meant to express pride in one’s race & culture from YOU…white folks.  White people taught this shit & now some white people are mad that the “students” are running with the knowledge of learning to love & appreciate one’s culture AND WITH ABSOLUTELY NO FUCKS GIVEN…putting it in your face every chance we get.  White folks, we learned all of that shit from YOU.

Why you mad?  Suck those white tears back up.

Your favorite mulatto.
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