Umar Johnson Is the Smartest-Dumb Knee Grow On Social Media

I like to consider myself pro-Black, but not so pro-Black to the point where I start losing touch with reality.  Exactly what do I mean?  Well, I use this Onyx Truth platform to speak on issues that directly deal with Black society from the standpoint of systemic racism to Black economic empowerment.  What I don’t do is allow myself to get so caught up in analyzing the world in terms of Black vs. white that I just start randomly making up shit just to get a bunch of clueless followers to show me some social media love.  But apparently, that’s not the case with an individual by the name of Dr. Umar Johnson.

As we all should know by now, the Denver Broncos defeated the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50.  Now if you actually watched that game, then you would have witnessed Denver’s defense giving Carolina the business.  I’m not about to give you a play by play run down of the game, but just know defense wins championships.  In the super duper pro-Black world of Dr. Umar Johnson, he saw something completely different that damn near every other person watching the game apparently missed.  Dr. Umar Johnson saw the strong arm of white supremacy preventing Cam Newton from winning his first Super Bowl.  How he managed to see this is beyond the comprehension of most rational people.  Only those whose “third eye” is in tune to the sacred vibrations dispersed through the ether from Blacklantis appear to be the only ones capable of gaining this profound insight.

Luckily for the rest of us we have Instagram.  Dr. Umar Johnson chose to use this platform to bless the rest of us knee grows with these decoded Blacklantian messages through the power of memes to explain how white supremacy was responsible for the Carolina Panthers losing Super Bowl 50.  Let’s examine these messages below.

Exhibit A:


Sure white America loves white quarterbacks, that’s nothing new.  But exactly who is telling these Black quarterbacks to purposely lose games in order to save their careers?  Did Jerry Richardson, the owner of the Carolina Panthers, tell his star player to purposely lose the Super Bowl?  If so, why?  Why go through all the trouble of paying Cam Newton $103.8M over the course of 5 years with $60M of that guaranteed, along with a $22.5M signing bonus?  Why dish out all of the money on 1 man if the real intent is for him to lose the most revered game in American sports?  Why Umar?  It doesn’t make sense.  If the goal is to only “honor white quarterbacks”, then why not just simply replace Cam with a white quarterback?  Hell, why sign him at all?

Exhibit B:


Let’s clear something up, Cam never made that dumb ass statement.  You did Umar Johnson.

Umar, you know what white America loves more than the Super Bowl?  White America loves COLLEGE FOOTBALL more than professional football.  Why?  Simple, they get to watch a bunch of young athletes compete at their highest athletic abilities without being tainted by money.  So you mean to tell me Umar Johnson that white America would allow for this Black football player by the name of Cam Newton to win the Heisman Trophy, a national title in college, reward him with being the NFL’s 2011 Rookie of the Year, & the 2015 NFL MVP of the year…but this brotha can’t win a Super Bowl because of white supremacy?  Huh?  Really?  As far as Doug Williams is concerned, the first Black quarterback to win a Super Bowl in 1988, by the time Doug Williams played & won Super Bowl 22, Doug was already a 10 year veteran in the league.  10 years of playing in the NFL is like a lifetime considering the average NFL career only last 3 years.  That’s 10 years of constant physical abuse to one’s body.  So after Doug Williams got his championship & secured his name in the history books, he basically said I’m done & retired.  I fail to see the white supremacy angle.

Exhibit C:

Once again, Russell Wilson never said this.  This is just some BS you made up, put quotes around it, & got countless idiots who follow you on Instagram to believe this foolishness.  Second of all, did you even watch Super Bowl 49?  If you did, then you would have realized that Russell Wilson threw a damn interception at the goal line when he should have just handed the ball to Marshawn Lynch to run it in considering they were literally on the 2 yard line with a full set of downs to go.  White supremacy had nothing to do with that.  It was pure idiocy in choosing to not use the league’s leading rusher who just happened to be on your team & on the field at that very moment to score a touchdown that would have won you the game.  The rest of this foolishness you wrote, I not even going to address it.  But my goodness…niggas actually follow you & take you 100% seriously. Geez.

Dr. Umar Johnson, you honestly just may be the smartest-dumb nigga running around these days.  Seriously.  I find it astounding how people even take you seriously.  You are so devoted to Pan-Africanism that you’ve allowed your mind to be warped to the point of just seeing shit that isn’t there.  And what’s crazy about this is that you claim to be a psychologist for crying out loud who prides himself on having the all of the “answers” to all of the ills that affect Black children in America, yet you can’t even seem to properly diagnose yourself.  Nigga are you serious?  Well, being that you blocked me on Instagram after I made a comment in reference to people taking your plans for building a school seriously…apparently you are serious lol.

But real talk, in regards to your school:  how in the hell is one to take you serious for trying to build a school for Black boys when you post ridiculous ass stuff like this on social media?  How?  Finally, how in the world do you expect Black people to take you serious when you run around saying stuff like this…

Do better Umar, do better.  But first drop the smart-dumb nigga antics & come back to reality.

Your favorite mulatto.
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