Beyoncé, How Dare You Make It Rain White Tears After Super Bowl 50!


While America was busy enjoying the Beyoncé & Bruno Mars Super Bowl 50 Halftime show…oh yeah, Coldplay too…Fox News was running through the aisles of Sam’s Club snatching up every Dixie plastic cup they could find in order to capture all of the white tears they properly predicted would be falling the next day.


White tears used to just be utterly sad to look at, now I just laugh when I see them.  White folks who shed white tears honestly desire to convince people that just within the last 60 years the tables have turned so much that white folks are now the new “niggers” getting that “nigger treatment” that Black folks have been getting for roughly 400 years now.  Just so sad, funny, & pathetic when you think about it.

Let’s look at some of the tears falling down.  These tears can be found on this Fox News Facebook thread HERE.

Fee Wilkinson

Fee Wilkinson, I would imagine there WOULD be a backlash considering the Confederate army was fighting to KEEP Africans ENSLAVED.  The Panthers on the other hand were fighting to feed Black people in impoverished communities, fighting to provide basic medical care for these impoverished Black people, fighting to provide basic education, & fighting to provide basic protection from the Blu Klu Klan (the cops) who were known for terrorizing Black communities on a daily basis.

Tim Watts

Tim Watts, so Beyoncé singing & dancing maybe about 30 seconds or so of her song is somehow deemed racist?  Really?  Ok.  Here’s the thing Tim Watts, if you want to stop racism then maybe YOU should spend all of your energy lecturing white America about their actions & attitudes in regards to racism.  I don’t know if you know this, but Black folks do not do racist stuff, we simply react to the racism that is present & always has been present…hence the reason for BET & other Black award shows.  If racism coming from white folks wasn’t a problem & there was equal representation across the board in the entertainment business, then maybe BET wouldn’t exist.  I wonder how you feel about Telemundo & Univision…just curious?

Erin Garcia

Erin Garcia sounds like she’s auditioning to be an anchor on Fox & Friends.  Somebody should inform her as to what Black Lives Matter is all about.  It’s 2016 and white folks still want to equate intra-racial crime (something white folks do as well…white on white crime) to that of violence committed by state sanctioned authorities such as the cops who have been on a killing spree killing Black folks with impunity like it’s hunting season.

Helen Burkhardt

Helen Burkhardt, how about you tell the cops to stop shooting unarmed people that pose no threat to their life.  Let’s start there.

Linda Gilbert

Linda Gilbert, I bet she filled up 2 Dixie cups full of white tears.

Sandy Alzamora Vavonese

Sandy Alzamora Vavonese, Beyoncé is the real patriotic American because she got you to cry white tears.  Plus let’s face it, you wish you could gyrate like her.  You’re not fooling anybody.

Anyways, that Fox News thread was 13,000+ comments long of mostly white tears galore.  These were just the first few that caught my eye that got the most white tear support by way of LIKES.  I bet if Beyoncé had have hit the stage tap dancing and shuckin’ & jivin’ in a mammy outfit, everything would be A-OK like the good ole days of ‘Murica.

Well, in this sea of white tears, at least there is ONE white guy who gets it.

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 7.25.21 PM

David Lee Box, you are the real Post Super Bowl MVP.

Your favorite mulatto.
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