Why Does Cam Newton’s Success Provoke White Tears?

Onyx Contributor:  Johnny Silvercloud (@JohnnySilverclo)

Cam Newton

This might come to a shock to many, but I don’t watch sports like that.  Really, I don’t.

Don’t get me wrong, I have favorite sports teams.  When I was a kid these people were heroes, next to professional wrestlers, and yes I know wrestling’s fake.  Many of them still are, despite myself personally growing out of awe of their presence.

So here we have Cam Newton.  Moreover, the commentary — and white tears concerning him — are interesting to say the least.  Cam Newton is a thug says White America.  Let’s explore why this is totally asinine, and problematic.

Cam Newton’s a “thug”?  How?

White people have a very interesting way of expressing themselves in regards to nonwhites, particularly black people.  How exactly is Cam Newton a thug?  He’s college-educated, apex level, superstar Quarterback who’s just getting his due from five years (by time of this publishing) hard work.  Being a quarterback is difficult enough.  It might be among the most difficult jobs in professional sports.  How is he a thug for commanding a football offense?  Pardon me, but isn’t a “thug” supposed to be a person who commits crimes?  A person who is a detriment to his community?  There is a thing as the Cam Newton Foundation, which is a charity organization that gives back to the community in positive ways.  How is he a thug?  How?

If the bar is that low to call someone such a thing, what does that say for anyone else who’s not as extraordinary as a professional star athlete?

White people, we know black skin color is the only prerequisite for being called a “thug”.  It is your word for nigger now.  Yeah, we know you hate political correctness.  We hate your racism, and it shows whether it’s on loud or vibrate.

Many moons ago I wrote this piece called The Four Fears, which was based on key behavioral responses Whiteness has in regards to onward diversity taking place.  While The Four Fears were mostly based on Whiteness’ response to President Obama’s election (and re-election) I’ll have to say one of those fears are very strong here.  The Second Fear I stated was practically the fear of losing white defaultness in America.  White people as a collective, hate — and thus fear — the notion of losing that privileged status to define what it means to be deemed American.  This is the fear of losing that residual image of America.  When it was Obama it was pretty much that “I want my Presidents to wear Cowboy Hats Dammit” type of shit.  It was that “I want my country back” shit.  Frankly, we are dealing with the same shit with Cam.

White people pretty much want all their quarterbacks to wear wranglers and cowboy hats.  White people prefer all star quarterbacks to, in essence, look, talk, and sound like Frank Cushman off of Jerry Maguire.

I could comment on how blind Katie Siegel — an ignorant bigot so cowardly she deleted her own twitter account — is so insanely blind to her own racism.  I could lecture about how this speaks measures of the family and community she hails from.  Nevertheless, for now, I’m going to focus on a more sinister device of white supremacy that chains blacks:  The Freedom of Appearance.  Well, the lack of. 

It is 2016 and Blacks are STILL assumed to NOT have Freedom of Expression.

If anyone were to REALLY dig into the History of the United States, and be RADICALLY HONEST in their finds, they would realize that the chains of slavery were psychological.  Yeah, that’s a catch phrase used by a ton of black intellectual wannabes, but I am talking about the full grasp of those psychological chains.  Among those psychological chains was the lack of Freedom Appearance, which is a branch off the Freedom of Expression.

Why would a college-educated professional athlete be deemed a “thug” for simply wearing the sports apparel from the team he is assigned to?  Similar to endorsements, he is paid to represent that team.

Back in the day if a black man practiced Freedom of Expression, he could be killed.  Why?  Because white comfort was infinitely placed above black lives.  In many ways, white comfort still trumps black lives, but it is not as bad as it once was.  Katie Siegel’s Klu Klux friends cannot just kill Cam Newton for wearing a warm sports hat.  Well the Blu Klux Klan can, but that’s not the point. They prefer to demonize him for NOT being the harmless, dickless black man who bows down to white comfort — the Steve Urkel — at all times.

Check this out:  It’s 2016 by the time of this publishing.  Black folks are tired of the Step & Fetch admirability politics white supremacy forces us into.  Cam Newton actually likes wearing suits, just like me.  However, perhaps like me… he is not going to wear suits in order to please Whiteness.  We are getting sick of this shit.  There are too many Katie Siegel’s out there.  They need to back the fuck off.  While a person like Cam or myself love suits and ties, sometimes we want to wear the hoodie.  Sometimes we want to wear a t-shirt.  Sometimes we want to wear a warm freakin’ hat.  We know what your politically correct language is now, Whiteness.  We know what you really mean when you deploy specific words.  In addition, we are going to continue to hold you accountable.  The truth is, if you are white… you need to begin embracing diversity before fighting it drives you all insane.  If you do not like Cam Newton dancing in an end zone, prevent him from scoring.  If you do not like me commenting on your sociological behavior, stop being racist.

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