4 Reasons Why Women Like Amber Rose Will Never Be Taken Seriously

So Kanye may or may not like fingers in the butt.  Ok.  I guess that’s supposed to be historic culture shocking news of some sort.  Who knows.

What I do know is that women like Amber Rose will NEVER be taken seriously beyond just being a piece of ass that teenage to grown ass men beat off too.  That’s it.  Besides having an amazing body, what else does she have to offer that a real man about his business would honestly be interested in entertaining?  Based off of the information she voluntarily puts out about her life, I can’t think of one thing.

So let’s get on with this list.

  1. Her entire life stems around showing off her body.  That’s it.  Like I admitted earlier, she has an amazing body, but so does the gang of local hoodrats that I know of from around the way in my city.  The only difference between these local hoodrats & Amber Rose is meeting Kanye West.  Whenever I see a new image of Amber Rose, I’m honestly not sitting around wondering as to what her intelligence levels may be.  I could give a damn.  All I want to do is indulge in a brief fantasy of me blowing her back out & sending her on her merry little way.  That’s it.  Nothing else.  There isn’t a damn thing she could offer up to me beyond sex that I’d be interested in learning about.  Nothing.
  2. “B-B-B-But, she wrote a book!”  I don’t give a damn about Amber Rose’s book.  Matter of fact, I don’t know of a single living soul on this planet that does.  I’ve yet to meet anybody who’s read her book, plans on buying her book, or anybody who’s actually offered up an honest critique of her book.  Anybody can write a book.  I could too if I really wanted to, but I have no desire to do so.  And if I did decide to write a book, that doesn’t guarantee anybody would read it.  Same with her.  The only thing interesting about Amber Rose’s book from what I can tell is the cover.  I’m not interested in cracking that book open for nothing.  That book could have all of the answers to all of life’s problems in there, I don’t give a damn.  All I want to do is look at the cover & fantasize about her showing up to my front door dressed in that same outfit with the bow & arrow so we can do some freaky deaky thangs…then kick her out.  Nobody with half a brain is interested in reading a book written by Amber Rose.  Not even the dudes she posts to her own Instagram account.
  3. She kisses & tells.  It’s obvious by her “fingers in the booty” tweet this chick can’t keep her mouth shut about shit.  What dude in their right mind wants to wife up a chick that can’t keep their bedroom antics private?  I don’t know of any dude or even chicks for that matter that like to have their current or ex lovers broadcast their sexual proclivities to the world.  Who does that?  Only people who have nothing of substance to offer beyond how they get down in bed, that’s who.  Now that I think about it, what dude in their right mind would want to wife up a chick running around here with remnants of Kanye’s anus on her fingers?  Imagine being on a date with her and Amber tries to feed you some food with her fingers.  I don’t care how many times she has washed her hands & put sanitizer on them, the mere fact that she chose to disclose she liked to put fingers in Kanye’s ass…I can’t.  But anyways, if Amber Rose has no issue with kissing & telling, I can only imagine all of the other shit she has no problem with disclosing just for the fuck of it in order to win more attention towards herself.
  4. She got this nigga Wiz Khalifa tatted on her arm.  Sure these two were married once & have a kid together, so no matter what, they shall forever be intertwined with one another for life.  But can you imagine trying to wife this chick up and everywhere you go, Wiz is there.  This is similar to chicks who get their man’s name tatted on their lower back.  Once the new nigga shows up to hit it from the back, he will be constantly reminded of whose ass this really belongs to.  Then if you notice where the actually tattoo of Wiz is, that joint is on the back of her left arm.  So imagine being balls deep into Amber from the back and now you got this tattoo of Wiz smiling you at the entire time.  Fuxx outta here.

Here’s the bottom line…

Nobody gives a damn about Amber Rose beyond being a light skin chick with a big ole booty & some nice titties.  That’s it.  Kanye didn’t give a damn about her beyond that, hell even Wiz Khalifa didn’t give a damn about her beyond that.  So why should we?  I don’t.  Seriously, can anybody name something remotely genuine about her that deserves our attention beyond the fact that all most dudes wanna do is fuck just so that they can have the bragging rights of saying they fucked Amber Rose?  Sure, some of you reading this will say some dumb shit like “You sound like a hater!  You are jealous!  You’re this & that!”  Honestly I’m not.  I really wrote this to inform you that no intelligent man in the world honestly gives a damn about anything Amber Rose has to say or is trying to do.  The only thing we care about is the possibility of us getting some pussy so we can see what all the fuss is about.  If not, we’ll settle for our fantasies.  So the next time she’s all over the news & countless think-pieces pop up, just understand, nobody gives a damn about shit she says.  We just want to see some new images of her showing off that ass.

Your favorite mulatto.
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