Don’t Worry, The Knee Grow Forgiveness Delegation Shall Pardon You

We haven’t even made it out of January yet & the Knee Grow Forgiveness Delegation is already suited & booted.

This is Rachel Steigerwald issuing a so-called apology for posing in the above header image.  Rachel Steigerwald doesn’t even bother me.  That photo she got in trouble for doesn’t even bother me.  Shit, white people in general saying the word nigga/nigger doesn’t even bother me.  What I find disturbing are all of the Black people who are quick to either develop an excuse to justify a white person saying or doing something offensive to Black society or worse…jumping up to quickly forgive that white person who commits the offense.

I wrote about this in April 2015 in a piece titled Race Relations 101:  Step 1 – Forgiveness.  But I guess I had to bring it up again in case people out there either don’t see or refuse to see what normally takes place during incidents like this.  This is what usually happens time & time again.

Levi Petti:  the white kid in Oklahoma who was filmed singing a song about niggers hanging from trees, he arrived to his press conference with his local NAACP chapter AND was literally holding hands with these people as they all gave their forgiveness speech.

Dylan Roof:  after he was given some Burger King & arrested, President Obama was on a plane bound for Charleston SC to sing songs of forgiveness to an entire congregation.

Michael Slager:  after he gunned down Walter Scott in cold blood in Charleston SC, Walter Scott’s own family went on live tv screaming “We forgive!”

Donald Sterling:  before he lost his team, he ran straight to a Black church where the entire congregation was shouting “We forgive, forgive, forgive!”

And the list can go on & on.

But here’s the thing folks.  How come there are never white folks at these press conferences apologizing on behalf of the white person who did something to offend Black society?  You never see it.  Why?  Because white people don’t forget or forgive shit that happens to them.

Have the 9/11 terrorists been forgiven yet?  No.

Those 2 cops who were murdered last year in NYC by that one black guy, have white people forgiven him yet?  No.

The Paris attacks…any forgiveness handed out yet?  No.

That Mexican that killed that woman in San Francisco that caused Donald Trump to sky rocket in the polls last year…any forgiveness yet?  No.

But when it comes to Black people, my goodness, some in Black society approach forgiveness from the position of pure weakness under the illusion of healing.  No.  That’s complete bullshit.  No other culture does this shit.

Your favorite mulatto.
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