Seductive Mixtape Series #7: For the Smokers

This one is for all of the lovers that partake in herbal stimulation.  I have no experience in the area honestly, but I often listen to the Curren$y Pandora channel when I puff on my hookah (shisha, not weed)…lol.

My weed smokers can relate to the lyrics of the songs below more than me, but the metaphors and similes used by the artists paint quite a picture for non-smokers like me.


Song #1: Take a Toke

C&C Music Factory’s little unknown hit that directly correlated smoking weed and making love is the joint (haha)!!  Who ever wrote this song placed several puns and references that makes sense whether you talking about either activity.  I mean, I was thoroughly impressed by the lyrics.

The feel of the song is definitely suave with a hip hop/R&B infusion going on.  The beat is great and is accentuated by the piano and the sexy lady singing in the background.  I like the last part as the music fades and one of the dudes cough and says , “This shit is potent.”  Ha!

The video though…..ummmm.  I’ll just say this.  Shout out to the singers with there over-exaggerated “I’m sexy and I’m hard at the same damn time” arm movements and unnecessary spinning around.  Extra special shout out to the one girl in the video rocking the “Janet Jackson/Poetic Justice” or “Jade/Don’t Walk Away” braids and booty shorts.  Remember those?  Check it out below.


Song #2: Take a Toke (Original Remix)

Now this is my favorite version compared to the first one.  It is a little faster in speed and has some horns in it, and it has Patra in it!!  I mean the fourth or fifth definition of the word sex in any dictionary says simply, Patra!  Instead of a woman singing occasionally in the background, there is a male with a Caribbean accent (assuming it’s Trilogy) shouting stuff like, “I want to get blunted” and “I want to smoke you, baby”.

Now, I don’t know quite what Patra and Trilogy are saying the entire time, but it definitely adds a cool dynamic to the song.  I would play this song as more of a foreplay song.  What do you think?


Song #3: Turn Your Lights Down Low

Now this song may not really correlate weed smoking and love-making, but how I can have a list of songs for the smokers and not include a song by Bob Marley.  I mean, the song is just so chill and laid back.  I assume that it would a good song to get high to (while playing on repeat) before getting naked with the one you love.  I’m asking my followers that smoke to let me know if I’m right or not.  I really am assuming on that one.


Song #4: Sex Weed

R. Kelly, whether you are a fan or not, does a good job of tying the two subjects in the title of this song.  This track comes from the TP.3: Reloaded and compares the lovemaking with a particular woman to the effects that weed gives him.  He nicely discusses his addiction to sex with the person in terms that I’m sure that all smokers understand.  Again, I’m not a smoker, but I would put this on my mixtape if I was and in the company of a beautiful smoker.  Thoughts?

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