White People Guess What? You Can Win a BET Award Too

All the magic happens in the comments.

Just because something was created for Black people doesn’t mean it is exclusive to only Black people.  Seriously, let’s get real here.  The level of ignorance from some in the dominant society is mind blowing at times.  Some white people honestly want to experience what it feels like to be at a racial disadvantage just so they can use that “disadvantage” in an attempt to one-up a Black person.  Get the fuck outta here with the bullshit already.  My goodness.

Original thread these comments came from found HERE.  The white tears just overfloweth thy cup intensely.

Tammy Burgess, Onyx Truth

Tammy Burgess, exactly what is racist about Black folks having an award show for Black people…considering damn near all of television is predominately white?  Hispanics have their own television shows & awards shows too due to the lack of representation in the white media.  Are they racist too?  Now if television & award shows were predominately Black & whites felt some type of way about it, then you would possibly have a point.  But that’s just simply not the case.  White people dominant every aspect about television.  So much so that the channel these Black award shows are hosted on aren’t even owned by Black people.  They are owned by white people.  *say what???!!!*

Stephanie Powell, I created this podcast for you.  Be sure to listen attentively.

Tammy Burgess, Onyx Truth 2

 Tammy Burgess, every channel on TV is white entertainment, too include BET since they are owned by Viacom.  Sure BET in its inception was originally created for Black people since there was no other channel on television doing much to display Black representation beyond Black stereotypes perpetuated by white people.  You mad tho?  Why?  White folks got the entire entertainment industry on lock.  As far as BET not being for white people or as you say “That’s discriminating against white’s!!!”, here’s just a quick list I’ve put together for you Tammy to show you that here in America, there isn’t one single entity or institution that is exclusively for Black people.  From schools, to fraternities, to sororities, to neighborhoods, to businesses, to award shows.  You will not find one thing in this country where white people are excluded.  Shit, most HBCUs & the NAACP were started by white people for crying out loud.

But here’s a quick list of white & Latin folks who have either been nominated or won a so-called award that was supposed to be only for us Blackies.

  1. Justin Timberlake — nominated for a BET Award
  2. Iggy Azalea — nominated for a BET Award (and she’s not even an American)
  3. Sam Smith — won a BET Award (another non American)
  4. America Ferrera — nominated for an NAACP Image Award (Latina)
  5. Sophia Vergara — nominated for an NAACP Image Award (another Latina)
  6. Dakota Fanning — nominated for an NAACP Image Award
  7. Sandra Bullock — nominated for an NAACP Image Award (doesn’t get any whiter than Sandra Bullock by the way)
  8. Angelina Jolie — nominated for multiple NAACP Image Awards
  9. Steven Spielberg — nominated for an NAACP Image Award
  10. George Lucas — nominated for an NAACP Image Award
  11. Carlos Santana — nominated for an NAACP Image Award
  12. Bono — nominated for an NAACP Image Award
  13. Al Gore — nominated for an NAACP Image Award (he’s whiter than Sandra Bullock)
  14. Emma Stone — nominated for an NAACP Image Award
  15. Bryce Dallas Howard — nominated for an NAACP Image Award
  16. Eminem — won a BET Award & was nominated 9 other times for a BET Award

I know it’s a shock to the system right now Tammy Burgess, but your reality is not that of ACTUAL REALITY.

Your favorite mulatto.


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