White Guy Told Me “Black Lives Matter Only To Black People” & I Agree

Oh no…another Black Lives Matter article.  I know, I know.  It should seem beyond obvious by now exactly what Black Lives Matter actually implies.  If you need a refresher, here you go:  Black Lives Matter simply means that the lives of Black society are not expendable; our lives have value, our lives have meaning, & our lives are just as important as white lives.  You would think that this should be common knowledge by now considering the climate of today’s society which continually allows members of the dominant society & their goon squad (cops) to legally get away with murder in regards to Black lives.  But apparently it’s not hence the inception of the All Lives Matter slogan.  Yeah sure, all lives matter, but evidently “all lives” aren’t suffering the same fate as that of Black lives with impunity.

So why are we here today?

I was in a discussion not too long ago and the subject of Black Lives Matter came up.  During the discourse of the conversation some random white guy chimed in and stated, “Black lives matter to only Black people.”  When this white dude stated that, I immediately thought to myself, “This white dude is absolutely right.”  I had no comeback for that.  I was in 100% agreement with him.  A quick stroll through my mental rolodex over just the last 3 years alone since the phrase Black Lives Matter emerged on the scene absolutely without a doubt proved this white guy’s statement to be correct.  Sure there are a few sprinkles of other races here and there marching & protesting in unison with Black folks under the banner of the Black Lives Matter movement, but on the macro level in relation to other races globally, Black folks we are on our own.  Nobody cares about Black lives except for us, Black people.  Another sad reality is, it’s a considerable amount of Black folks who don’t even care for Black lives either.  Why?  Simple, the rewards for not caring & speaking against your own interests are too high from the dominant society.

There is no significant money to be made in the war for equality, justice, & economic empowerment for Black society.  But you can damn near write your own check by endlessly appeasing the dominant society in helping them to promote the non-stop propaganda that sells the idea that Black people are not wanted nor are needed anymore.

Allen West, Onyx Truth

Photo credit:  Eduardo Munoz Alvarez

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