Onyx Truth Top 10 For 2015

Onyx Truth Top 10 For 2015

Closing out our 2nd year of existence…I just want to say thank you.  If you are new or if you have been rocking with us since day 1 & may have missed a few articles, here are our top 10 articles from 2015.  Enjoy!

10.  Horrific Violence.  The World’s Response?  More Words…J.S. Franklin


9.  Why America Needs a Strong Third Party, Part OneJ.S. Franklin


8.  My Journey Through White DenialMarcia Hart


7.  What Black Society Fails To Understand About Rachel DolezalGil

Rachel Dolezal, Onyx Truth

6.  Black Podcasts:  Voices Of The PeopleGil

Black Podcast, Black Podcasts, Onyx Truth

5.  Willie Wilson For President 2016…Yeah, This Just HappenedGil

Willie Wilson, Onyx Truth

4.  Don’t Say Silence Prevents Race Wars If We Don’t Live In Racial PeaceJohnny Silvercloud

they still want to do these things race war

3.  My Experience With Dixon D. WhiteSabine

Dixon D. White, Onyx Truth

2.  Fetty Wap’s “Trap Queen” Translated Into English For Those Of You Completely LostGil

Trap Queen, Fetty Wap, Onyx Truth

1.  The Force Awakens:  Why Whites Are Threatened By Positive Representations of Blacks?Johnny Silvercloud

Star Wars Force Awakens

Your favorite mulatto.
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