White Hypocrisy

Onyx Contributor:  Stephanie Monk (@stephinitely666)

I’m done with y’all.

Quick points to make:

  • “All Lives Matter”:  Then you should have no issues at ALL saying BLACK LIVES MATTER
  • “These protesters need to find a better way of changing things.  Inconveniencing people isn’t going to change anything.”  What do you think the Civil Rights movement was?  People holding hands and getting along and tip toeing around?  NO.  It was protests.  What do you think the Civil War was?  Protests and rebels fighting for a cause, right (that’s for you Confederate flag flyers).  Revolutionary War?  Boston Tea Party?  Literally every bit of this country has been revolution, protests and fighting for rights.  So why do you suddenly feel like people should just stand in designated areas to FIGHT THE SYSTEM?


If you are saying the same exact shit that neo nazis and white supremacists say, you DO NOT GET TO SAY YOU’RE NOT RACIST.

For example, but certainly not all inclusive:

  • “Whites are the ones discriminated against.”
  • “Whites are the victims.”
  • “Whites are the ones facing genocide.”
  • “White lives matter” including saying “All lives matter” simply to include the white race.
  • “Blacks are lazy.”
  • “Blacks just need to get jobs.”
  • “Blacks just want handouts.”
  • “Well, *I* never owned slaves.”
  • “Whites were slaves, too.”
  • “Blacks are just offended…They need to get over it.”
  • “Whites who support BLM are race traitors.”
  • “You’re white, why do you even care?”
  • “Blacks wouldn’t get shot by police if they just were respectable.”
  • “Black on Black crime.”

If you say these things, you are upholding white supremacy and racism.

Let me say it louder…



These are THE SAME things white supremacists say.

White Privilege

Examples of white privilege:

  • Knowing that you will be held properly accountable for your crimes/actions.
  • Getting the benefit of the doubt in damn near every situation.
  • Turning on a TV and seeing your race, gender, lifestyle profoundly represented — to where actors/actresses/writers/directors/producers of color are turned away to keep YOU comfortable with YOUR race being represented.
  • Going to the makeup section of the store and having AISLES of options for YOUR SKIN to choose from, as opposed to being designated to the end of one aisle labeled “ethnic”.
  • Ads EVERYWHERE with your race.
  • People/POLICE not always assuming you have a weapon or drugs.
  • Your white daughter having 15 white dolls or 1 black doll to choose from.
  • History centered around YOUR race year round.
  • The ability to trace your heritage with ease.
  • Properly funded and structured schools.

White privilege doesn’t mean you get everything handed to you.  It means you are set up better than other people of a different race.  It means this country and system was BUILT FOR YOU (it was).  It means you have benefits that other people do not.  It means that while you cry about not being able to shop and being called “mayo”, “cracker” or “snowflake”; other races have ACTUAL problems like drug rampant neighborhoods, not actual jobs and being shot by police.  Racism isn’t just name calling and the second you say you’re the victim of racism because someone called you “mayo” is the second you expose yourself as the ignorant person you are.  Racism is more than just saying “nigger” and you need to realize that, NOW, because lives are being lost.  Lives are being lost and NO JUSTICE is being served.

“Whites are the ones discriminated against.”

No.  They are not.  Being called a name is not an epidemic for our race.  You don’t get turned down from jobs simply because of your race.  You get turned down because you are under/over qualified, because you ask for higher wages, however not SIMPLY because you are white.  If fact, you are more likely to even have an interview than other races.  You will at least — get a chance — before being turned down.

“Whites are the ones facing genocide.”

No. we’re not facing genocide.  The theory presented is that diversity is going to lead to more interracial children and less “white” children.  Diversity does not force anyone to have interracial children.  Nobody is — actively — wiping out the white race.  Stop equating free love with the tragedy of mass genocide.

“White Lives Matter” (To include “All Lives Matter” simply to include white lives)

And our system already widely demonstrates that white lives matter. Nobody needs to be told this, because it’s already exhibited.  And “all lives” do not matter to you, because if they did, you’d be just as furious as us about all of this injustice.

“Blacks are lazy.” “Blacks just need to get jobs.”

Says the inventors of all things convenience?  There is a stark difference between not working by choice and not working because you are systemically oppressedSystemic oppression.  Segregation.  Oh, you thought we were all integrated?  We ain’t.

“Blacks just want handouts.”

Whites are more dependent on welfare than any other race. Also more likely to abuse those systems.

“Well, *I* never owned slaves.”

No REALLY?  Your family was likely to have been slaves at some point in history.  However, in America, descendants of black slaves are the only ones suffering.

“Blacks are just offended by everything.”

This isn’t a matter of taking offense.  This is about morality and humanity.  Why IN THE WORLD aren’t you mad yet?

“Race traitors.”  “Why do you even care?”

You’re a white supremacists.  I give up on you, and I rebuke you.

“Blacks wouldn’t get shot by the police if they were just respectable.”

No.  Just, no.  Disrespect is not a death sentence!  And neither is assaulting a police officer, by the way!

“Black on Black crime.”

In short, what about white on white crime?  What are you doing about all those white mass shooters?  Nothing.  You’re doing nothing.


You are flying a Confederate flag, hollering about how you’re such a rebel, then you’re telling protesters how to rebel by urging them to fall in line and — not rebel.

You say “all lives matter” but you have no care for the black lives lost.  You try to twist it and justify it every time.

You say “I’m not racist” because you don’t say “nigger”, but you support the slaughter of black lives, you support the systems in place that allow these police to go free, and you also turn around and call black people “lazy”, “thugs”, “criminals” and say how worthless you think they are.  THEN…

You say you don’t see race but you were just talking about your views on black people, and how you’re treated as a white person!

You say you know what it’s like to be discriminated against, then you act like anyone who is discriminated against should just “deal with it” but if you REALLY KNEW you would REALLY be fighting.

You holler about how all of this talk about black lives mattering is “dividing” us but you fail to realize you are standing AGAINST the unity of races.

If you don’t start recognizing your hypocrisy/privilege and uniting with other races, THEN NOTHING WILL EVER CHANGE!

You ready to unite and rebel yet?

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