Follow Up To My Last Tupac Article

So apparently a lot of people got in their feels over my last Tupac article.  It’s understandable.  Tupac is considered a legend & an idol in Black society & we all know how Black folks don’t like their legends & idols challenged.  You know how old folks will try to slap your face off your head if you start questioning them about Jesus, well people of today who grew up listening to Tupac feel the same way.  They refuse to accept that there is a remote possibility of him being a flawed individual who may have committed a heinous act.  They simply refuse to even consider the possibility beyond whatever BS they may have heard from someone who heard it from someone, who also heard it from someone.  Talking about Tupac in any other light beyond him being a great rapper & activist is sacrilegious.  Tupac is the Black hood version of white Jesus to knee grows out there.  Niggas just ain’t having it.  But anyways.

For those of you who read my last piece with a slight hint of intelligence beyond the headline of the article, then you would of clearly seen that I did not state I believe Tupac to be guilty of rape at all.  I stated that HE WAS CONVICTED & sentenced to prison for 1st degree sexual abuse (which rape falls up under).  But like always, when dealing with the internets, reading is a skill that many fail to exercise beyond headline titles.  The point of the article was to point out the hypocrisy too many have in regards to R. Kelly, Bill Cosby, & Tupac.  People are quick to say that if you are a fan of R. Kelly’s music, you obviously must be in support of pedophilia, even tho the man wasn’t convicted (but we all know it was Kels on that video).  Yet in regards to Tupac, a man who was convicted of rape….it was a conspiracy, he was a political prisoner, he didn’t do it.  OH NO…we can’t believe that about our beloved ghetto superstar by the name of Tupac.  When it comes to Bill Cosby people are quick to believe he is a serial rapist because something like 50 women have come forward ALLEGING he drugged and raped them…yet there is absolutely no proof of any of this happening that has come to light so far.  Sure Bill admitted to giving women quaaludes, but simply giving someone a drug is not an admission of rape.  Let’s be real here:  people were popping quaaludes back then like people pop mollies now.  When I was in college, I gave plenty of women weed.  I’ve yet to rape anybody and have absolutely no plans of doing so.  Now am I saying Bill is innocent?  NO.  I am saying, I need proof before I convict him.  BUT IN REGARDS TO TUPAC…OH NOOOOO…Tupac didn’t rape anybody is what too many are chanting.  It’s not possible!  But yet he was convicted.  Understand a conviction does not necessarily equal guilt, but I do find it ironic that the masses choose to believe Bill is a rapist but not Tupac, even tho Tupac WAS CONVICTED of rape.


The point of this here article is for you all to hear Tupac’s version of events & to read the testimony of Tupac’s victim.  I would say alleged victim, but since Tupac actually WAS CONVICTED of rape, well….as far as the law is concerned, she is a victim.  Now I’m not here to say I believe Tupac to be a rapist one way or another.  I honestly don’t know just like the rest of you out there & just like the masses, I don’t want to believe it.  But I also understand that there are a lot of women out there who are legitimately raped that people think are just flat out liars too.  Once again, I don’t know.  I wasn’t there.  This is a matter of he said she said.  Right now most people are without a doubt 100% convinced that Tupac’s version of events is the absolute undeniable truth.  Hell, most people who side with Tupac probably have never even read or heard his victim’s testimony before which is why I’m about post it below and let you make a decision for yourself.

Side Note:

Before any of you get on your high horse & say some shit like “Tupac had money, he didn’t have to rape anybody!”  To that I can say, “Well, Bill Cosby had money too (more than Tupac), he didn’t have to rape anybody either.”  But ain’t nobody trying to hear that about Bill tho.  So I’ll respond with this, “Former football player Darren Sharper pleaded guilty to rape.  By all accounts he was a decent looking dude, with money, & access to the most beautiful women in the world….yet he still raped women.”  Rape is not about sex.  Rape is about power & control.  Understand I am not saying Tupac is guilty of the crime of rape, however I am saying that HE WAS CONVICTED OF RAPE.

Tupac’s Side Of The Story

Ayanna Jackson’s Side Of The Story

I am the young woman that was sexually assaulted by Tupac Shakur and his thugs.  I’ve read Kevin Powell’s interview with Tupac, in which I was misrepresented.  Up until this point I have only told my story under oath in court; nobody has heard my story, only his side, which is much different than what Tupac stated is the true story.

A friend of mine took me to Nell’s, where he introduced me to [the men Vibe indentified as] Nigel and Trevor, who later introduced me to their friend Tupac.  When I first me Tupac he kissed me on my cheek and made small talk with me.  After a while, I excused myself and started walking to the dance floor.  When I felt someone slide their hands into the back pockets of my jeans, I turned around, assuming it was my friend, but was shocked when I discovered that it was Tupac.  We danced for a while, and he touched my face and his body brushed mine.  Due to the small dance floor and large amount of people, we were shoved into a dark corner.  Tupac pulled up his shirt, took my hand, traced it down his chest, and sat it on top of his erect penis.  He then kissed me and pushed my head down on his penis, and in a brief three-second encounter, my lips touched the head of his penis.  This happened so suddenly that once I realized what he was trying to do, I swiftly brought my head up.  I must reiterate that I did not suck his penis on the dance floor.  He pulled his shirt back down and asked me what I was doing later.  I told him that I was going home because I had to go to work that day.  Then, as people started surrounding him again, he grabbed my arm and said, “Let’s get out of here, I’m tired of people stressing me.”  We exited Nell’s, got into a white BMW, pulled up at the Parker Meridien, and went to his suite.  We conversed, and he rolled up some blunts.  We started kissing, and then we had oral and vaginal sexual intercourse several times.

He called my house a couple of nights later and gave me his SkyPager number and told me he wanted to see me tomorrow.  That evening after work, I paged him, and his road manager called me back and informed me that Pac really wanted to see me but he had a show to do in Jersey, so I should call a car service and take it to the Meridien and he would pay for the cab.  Once I got to the hotel, I met Charles Fuller for the first time; he paid for the cab and led me upstairs.  Inside the suite, Tupac, Nigel and Trevor were seated in the living room, smoking weed and drinking Absolut.  Tupac told me to come in and pointed to the arm of the sofa near him, and I sat down.  After about twenty minutes, Tupac took my hand and led me into the bedroom in the suite.  He fell onto the bed and asked me to give him a massage.  So I massaged his back, he turned around, and I started massaging his chest.  Just as we began kissing, the door opened and I heard people entering.  As I started to turn to see who it was, Tupac grabbed my head and told me, “Don’t move.”  I looked down at him and he said, “Don’t worry baby, these are my brothers and they ain’t going to hurt you.  We do everything together.”  I started to shake my head, “No, no Pac, I came here to be with you, I came here to see you.  I don’t want this.”  I started to rise up off the bed but he brutally slammed my head down.  My lips and face came crashing down hard onto his penis, he squeezed the back of my neck, and I started to gag.  Tupac and Nigel held me down while Trevor forced his penis into my mouth.  I felt hands tearing my shoes off, ripping my stockings and panties off.  I couldn’t move, I felt paralyzed, trapped, and I started to black out.  They leered at my body.  “This bitch got a fat ass, she’s fine.”  While they laughed and joked to one another, Nigel, Trevor and Fuller held me in the room trying to calm me down.  The would not let me leave.

Finally, I got to the elevators, which had a panel of mirrors.  Once I caught sight of myself, I sank to the floor and started to cry.  They came out, picked me up, and brought me back into the suite.  Tupac was lying on the couch.  In my mind I’m thinking, “This motherfucker just raped me, and he’s lying up here like a king acting as if nothing happened.”  So I began crying hysterically and shouting, “How could you do this to me! I came here to see you!  I can’t believe you did this to me!”  Tupac replied, “I don’t have time for this shit.  Get this bitch out of here.”

The aforementioned is the true story.  It was not a setup and I never knew any of the thugs he was hanging with.  Tupac knows exactly what he did to me.  I admit I didn’t make the wisest decisions, but I did not deserve to be gang-raped.

Now those are the words of Ayanna Jackson, not mines.  You can google that and it will appear on multiple websites.

Anyways, I’ll reiterate for the slow population out there who failed miserably at reading comprehension:  Tupac being convicted of rape does not necessarily mean he actually committed rape, but I’m not necessarily going to discredit the victim simply because the main person accused just happened to be Tupac.  Sure I’m a fan of Tupac as an artist, but I don’t do idol worship.

Now who do you believe?

Your favorite mulatto.
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