Steve Harvey….You Know You Fuxxed Up Right?

In case you missed last night’s snafu at the 2015 Miss Universe contest, take a look below…

I can’t really think of anything off the top of my head at the moment that can trump this fuck up Steve Harvey committed on live television last night, but I can imagine some of the thoughts going through his head as he strolled back out on stage to announce the real winner of the contest, Ms. Philippines.

10 Things Going On Steve Harvey’s Mind To Save Face

  1.  Oh Lawd, I gots to walk back out in front of these white people & crush somebody’s dreams tonight…hope I don’t get shot.
  2. Oh Lawd, I should have shaved my big ass mustache off so it wouldn’t interfere with my ability to properly read an index card.
  3. Oh Lawd, I hope this doesn’t affect the sales of sugar coated bacon I’m trying to peddle.
  4. Oh Lawd, I’m about to lose my position as America’s favorite negro & be demoted to D.L. Hughley’s status.
  5. Oh Lawd, I hope one of those Colombian cartels doesn’t put a hit out on me.
  6. Oh Lawd, it’ll be another 20 years before they get another brotha to host this show now.
  7. Oh Lawd, I’m about to lose my lifetime supply of free chicken from Paula Deen.
  8. Oh Lawd, white America is about to label ALL of Black society idiots based off of me.
  9. Oh Lawd, I hope they didn’t throw my tray of butter biscuits away in the back.
  10. Welp…at least Black society will take me back.

It’ll be alright Steve, it’ll be alright.  Everybody makes a mistake…just not on live TV to the level you did.

Your favorite mulatto.
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