Trump isn’t the Problem; the Republican Base is.

Onyx Contributor:  Johnny Silvercloud (@JohnnySilverclo)

Friends Who Like Trump

Facebook has made it possible to find out what your friends like and follow.  Headlines all over the internet point you to use this feature to find out which of your friends like Donald Trump.  So yeah, I tried it out.  Honestly, I’m nowhere near surprised; every friend of mine who loves Trump as a politician are those whom I expected.  Call me crazy, but I’m not going to delete these guys.  I’d rather keep such folks in close quarters to observe and understand them.  Being that many of these guys are folks I’ve known for years, most of them know they can be radically honest with me.  And yes, when I ask questions I want real answers.  Why would a reasonable healthy person support a fascist?  At least I’m in a good position to ask.

Trump fans hate “political correctness”

One of the biggest reasons my friends give me on why they like love Trump is because “he doesn’t give a damn about political correctness”.  So let’s talk about that for a second.

I’m not going to lie about it; I have a problem with political correctness too.  The concept of political correctness reminds me of the concept of “tolerance”.  I’m not a big fan of changing or moderating something based on maintaining a superficial look of niceness, when in reality there’s racism or sexism underlying there.  Political correctness is like the type of medicine that subdues the symptoms of an illness while never really curing the illness at hand.  Racism, sexism, and all other forms of social bigotries isn’t cured or fixed.  It’s only hiding.  Political correctness is like an extravagant make-up job on the ugly.  Trump, is the ugly chick.  Without the makeup on.  And too many people are taking her home.

Political Correctness is the standard in which white people in America maneuver through a post-60’s world.  There was a time when whiteness — thus, Americanism — was defined by how much you hate non-whites.  Or rather, how much you abhor “colored people”.  To completely shit on black people and other people deemed not worthy by whites, was the (white) American way.  When Trump selected “Let’s Make America Great Again” as his campaign slogan, on top of his public behavior as a Presidential candidate, he channels white-people-feel-good vibes on an lost era where white people can just drown out, silence, ignore, crush, abuse, bully and destroy any other sociological group of people they deem fit.  Most black people know this.  So when he makes his whole identity about being “not politically correct”, he’s essentially time traveling into a 1930’s blond-haired, bustling plutocratic bigot.  And white people — the most ignorant and stupid ones this is — love it.

The Great White PC Obfuscation

The problem with how white people wish to be “not” politically correct lies in execution.  White people — specifically conservative white people — began calling anything intelligent, morally correct or basically humane “politically correct”.  You support killing innocent families of people?  Thank you for your radical honesty, but the honesty stops when you call it politically correct to save innocent lives.  At this point you are engaging in severe intellectual dishonesty.  It’s not politically correct to not call people names and derogatory phrases; it’s simply the more intelligent thing to do.

In short, the American white collective who stumps for Trump only wish to be walking talking Ids.  Screw intelligence, screw facts.  Just be in your feelings about things.  The evil, malicious feelings about things.  All the time.  Trump 2016.

How come no one ever tells Trump to “let go of the past”?

Interestingly, no one (the white narrative) ever tells Donald Trump to “let go of the past” or accuse him of being “stuck in the past.”  These are things white people only inflict on people of color, and in doing so, they prove that (based on their rules) black people aren’t allowed to remember Jim Crow, lynchings, or American Slavery but white people are allowed to time travel in their minds to those “good ole years” when all of those things took place.  Let’s make America great again?  When?  Where?  At which time in American history?

In short, black people are only supposed to mentally be clean slates in regards to American history, usually always being reset directly AFTER black people as a collective have been abused, murdered, accused and other social slights.  “Tamir Rice?  Man, you are so stuck in the past black dude!”

I can’t even blame Trump.

How can one even blame Trump at all?  He is, after all, in show business.  Trump is a narcissistic man who is only giving the most sociologically powerful people in America (the white majority) what they want.  Obama, as a black man, clearly understood what it takes to be President.  President Obama, then candidate Obama knew being black would hurt him, because simply put, any reminder of racism makes white people feel bad.  So in an effort to make people feel good, he never HONESTLY engages in discussions of racism.  Donald Trump’s understanding of white feelings are the same, and so are his goals.  But instead of using the political strategy of colorblindness, he’s using the Southern Strategy, a tried and true method of the Republican Party which tied politics (and later policy) to appeal to the white racial animus against designated non-white targets.

It is through racism how a poor white man can possibly think that a super-rich plutocrat is “just like” him — instead of the reality of the matter, which is the fact that that poor white man has more in common with the poor black man he is told to hate.

How Trump differs from his republican peers is the important part.  Instead of engaging in a colorblind form of the Southern Strategy which seeks to speak in euphemistic language concerning women, Muslims and non-white people, he channels his inner Barry Goldwater.  Instead of being ambiguous in his racism (which is the modern republican standard) he finds popularity in being blunt.  While the smoking majority of republicans engage the white-racial-animosity voting block, Trump is functioning as a bigot in plain sight, appearing to be willing to make the “sacrifice” for white racists everywhere.

Trump, to the white conservative eye, just seems more thugged out than the rest with his blatant, in-your-face, bigoted behavior.  If politics was the rap game, and white nationalists were the audience, Trump is their Tupac.

Fox News (conservative media) created Trump

I always said, if Fox News existed in 1961, we’d still have Jim Crow in effect today.  The biggest reason why Trump exists as is, is because of conservative media.  Ever since President Obama got elected, I’ve watched, painfully watched over nearly a decade, how distant and crazy the conservative media got.  Hell, I remember Rush Limbaugh being a commentator for a John Madden game.

Fox News, similar to rap music, has NO standards.  None.  Fox News would seek to justify anything as long as it caters towards white racial animus and racial fears of others.  I’ve seen on air Fox News try calling a lit cigarette from a woman seated in a car a weapon.  I saw Fox News attempt to justify why a police officer can sit on a girl in a bathing suit at a pool party.  Fox News called a sitting President — who out of all of his flaws isn’t doing a bad job — a pussy on national television.  Even ridiculous conspiracy theories are shelled out on Fox News.

Fox has no standards.  They (using Fox as an avatar for all conservative media) have created candidate Trump.

Don’t worry about Trump, worry about his supporters

It’s not Trump who is attacking people, sometimes trying to kill anyone looking hispanic or Muslim in public or at his rallies.  It’s his supporters.  These are the people we really need to worry about.  Because if Trump falls out of the Presidential race you better believe those people still exist in our nation.  Don’t get me wrong, there would be a lot of worry if Trump became President.  But if he fails, remember those racist, bigoted, and otherwise stupid people who supported him are only going to wait for another Trump.  Hell, they’ll probably create another Trump for the next 10 elections.

Let’s not forget the Trump-like politicians who exist on the local and state level.  Remember that this doesn’t just end with Donald Trump.  It surely didn’t begin with him.

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