Make America Great (White) Again

Question:  What is the most cherished period in American history that the dominant society absolutely salivates over unapologetically?  You know, your Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Donald Trump, & damn near every old crusty dusty baby boomer of today gizzes in their pants about?

The 1950s.

Why the 50s?  Simple.

The country just came out of World War 2, the economy started to pick up, suburbs were being built left & right, highways systems were being constructed left & right to compliment the suburbs, everybody was drinking milkshakes & eating hamburgers, & generational wealth was being created thanks to the government granting everybody a loan to build/purchase a house.  Life was absolutely wonderful….as a white person.

As a Black person, exactly what was so wonderful about the 50s?

“I guess being legally discriminated against was wonderful.  Being called niggers was wonderful.  Being denied access to that same source of money for housing was great I suppose.  Being funneled into the American ghetto wasn’t too bad I guess.  Being denied equal opportunity to resources for quality education wasn’t too bad either.  Just being flat out terrorized on a daily basis for simply being Black was not so bad I suppose.  I guess when you really think about it, life wasn’t that bad for a Black person in the 50s.  At least we weren’t slaves.”  — said no sane Black person EVER.

So when you hear the phrase “Make America Great Again”, understand exactly what the word AGAIN really implies.

As a Black person, well exactly when was America ever truly great for us?  For all of you Muslims out there who are highly disturbed by the comments of Donald Trump…now you have a small glimpse into how it feels to be a Black person.

Your favorite mulatto.
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