Seductive Mixtape Series #5: Cuddle Buddy Music

Happy Holidays everybody!!  The temperature is starting to drop outside and that means that cuffing season is in full effect.  For those who have no idea what that is, I’ll explain it to you.  Somewhere around September/October, some men and women start to look for someone to keep them warm on those chilly and lonely nights.

There are a few holiday opportunities during cuffing season that are ideal to share with someone special, whether desired for the short or long-term.  You got Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and Valentine’s Day along with a lot of long, cold weekends and random weeknight requests to take your position on your side of the bed.  I mean….if you play your cards right, you can get warmth, food, gifts, event invitations, etc.  Typically, it usually tapers off after Valentine’s Day or as the spring creeps in.  I think you get the point.

Well, this addition of the Seductive Mixtape Series is going to suggest a few tracks that you might have forgotten about to help warm up the mood on those frigid nights with your chosen companion, bed boo, victim, cuddle buddy….whatever.  You know I like to hit you with those hits that are not expected and drive the point home….like a champ!

Song #1:
First off, I have to hit you up with Tevin Campbell’s, Be Alone With You.  This track is off of his first album (and his second #1 on the R&B charts).  The premise is cute and sweet and something that a teenager plays for that crush in 8th grade.  He sounds innocent as Tevin apologizes while explaining his aggressive nature to show that he really likes you and only wants to get another chance to hang out with you.  Awww.

Cute, but still worthy of a seductive mixtape.  This is the type of song you have some light conversation while sipping wine and sitting in front of the fireplace.  It’s not too slow, yet it is sensual and suggestive.  (It is also good Chicago stepping song for all my steppers out there.)  Fellas, this is one of those where you get a blanket and ask her how her day was as you pour her a second glass.  I know you what I am saying, and someone is going to do it.  You’re welcome.

Song #2:
Now, this second track is basically the grown-up version of the previous.  Some of you forgot about it until the Al B. Sure! Unsung episode.  If you haven’t guessed by now, I’m talking about Right Now.  It is so similar to Be Alone With You in mood and even some of the words, but just…grown as hell.  (Obviously, Al B. Sure wrote both or somebody did.)  The rain sound effects, the bluntness of his requests, black leather outfits and wife beaters…GROWN…AS…HELL!!

In the first song, the singer learned his lesson.  In this track, Al is telling YOU to come learn HIS lesson!  Maybe I ain’t doing it justice, so I will put some of the lyrics here.

“If you want to see me…come and see
Don’t waste time and just please me
Soak up all of my affection
Baby, come and learn my lesson”

What?!?!  Maybe my overly passionate soul read too much into that, but that is something that I would say…real talk.  Playa, this is one of those songs where you ain’t apologizing for being aggressive.  You know what you want, and you want it now.  In the words of Fleece Johnson, “I like ya, and I want ya…”.  Check it out below.


Song #3:
Listening to the rain in the last song reminded me of another one that I keep in one of my mixes.  3T’s Tease Me is da shit!  Simple!

For those of you that don’t know 3T, I will break it down for you.  The three guys of the group are Michael Jackson’s nephews from his brother, Tito.  They formed a group, did ok, and faded before they become popular.  I heard they have a reality show now…I don’t know.

Anyway, back to this song though….. After the rain effects come in, you are smacked by the bassline.  The bassline makes the song! It is strong, seductive, and smooth!!  The accompanying piano is great as well and makes a great contrast to the bassline along with the strings/keyboard.

Listening to the lyrics, the message is clear.  Well, Ima give you my interpretation.  Ready?  “Girl, I like ya, and I want ya…so don’t tease me.  Aight?!?”  Seriously, the lyrics are quite grown (for the baby-faced looking singers), and they enhance the mood as they are talking about closeness, slow love-making, and letting it all go.  Bruh!!!  This is one of those songs that says all of your thoughts for you.  Fellas, play this one as you lay her down in front of the fireplace to get the party started (ya feel me?).  She won’t forget you for the experience, and she will not forget this song.

Again, happy holidays and happy cuffing season!  If you picked someone who can’t appreciate the gravity of these songs, you picked the wrong one.  Draft yourself another buddy and prepare to make the old one a free agent when the season is over…if not before.

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