When White America Experiences a Tragedy, I Really Don’t Give a Shit

When white America experiences a tragedy that directly affects their population, I’ll be honest…I really don’t give a shit.  Seriously I don’t.

When schools get shot up, terrorists blow shit up, lone wolf terrorists here in that States (white people) shoot up random shit where most of the victims are white…I really don’t give a damn.  Sure it sounds cold blooded & heartless, but isn’t this the exact same reaction white America has towards Black America?  Of course it is.  So why should I as a Black man in America be made to feel sorrow for a tragedy that has taken place outside of my community?  Why?  Exactly how is it affecting me?  To be more precise, how exactly does white on white crime or Islamic terrorist acts committed against white supremacy directly affect me or my community?  What changes?


When I lay down to go to sleep & wake up the next morning to proceed about my business, I’ll still be viewed as a Black man in America.  When I attempt to point out injustices committed by the dominant society against the Black community, I’ll continually be hit with the “what about Black on Black crime” deflection.  When I attempt to explain the meaning behind the phrase BLACK LIVES MATTER, I’ll face the ALL LIVES MATTER rebuttal from the dominant society.  When I attempt to point out the documented systemic problems that plague Black society going back as far as the beginning of American slavery that directly affect Black society in the present day, I’ll be met with the “Get over it!  Slavery was a long time ago!  Racism doesn’t exist!  Pull yourself up by your bootstraps!  We got a Black President!” rhetoric.  No matter what I do, say, or write to bring attention to the unique struggles that continually have a negative impact on Black society, white America will continue to ignore our issues & treat Black society like we are just making shit up.

So with that said, why should I honestly give a damn about shit that happens to white society?

Next time a school gets shot up, a terrorist blows some shit up, or a lone wolf terrorist shoots up random shit where most of the victims are white; the only responses I feel obligated to give are:

  1. Get over it!
  2. What about white on white crime?
  3. Pull yourself up by your bootstraps!
  4. Black Lives Matter!

Seems fair to me.  What do you think white America?

Your favorite mulatto.


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