What’s Wrong with Ben Carson?

Onyx Contributor:  Johnny Silvercloud (@JohnnySilverclo)

A Party Ran by Media Moguls

Oh I miss the days when the Republican Party actually were in control of themselves.  Back in the day, the Republican Party was a marriage of big business types, evangelicals, and Dixiecrat pro-confederate assholes.  Back in the day, Republicans would push their moderates forward for elections.  The moderates seem to be the big business types who dabble in shameless bible posturing to ensure all bases are covered.  It wasn’t too bad, because Fox News and friends didn’t exactly run the Republican Party.  The republicans ran the republicans.  The politicians ran the political party.

This may sound pretty obvious… saying politicians should run a political party.  Sad enough, it has to be mentioned.  Why?  Because Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch run the Republican Party now.  These guys are not politicians, they are media moguls.  While all politicians do things for money, there’s a big difference between politicians controlling a political party and media mogul and pundits doing the same.  With this difference comes severe consequences.  Which brings me to my main point…

What’s up with Ben Carson?

…Ben Carson.  Is this man stupid, or batshit insane?  I’m going to be frank — Ben Carson bothers the shit outta me.  He just says too much idiotic nonsense.  It painful to watch this man, because as a first class brain surgeon I expect him to retain a baseline of intelligence.  The way I see it, if a person is let’s say… an astronaut, I’d expect him to have at least one metric shit ton of common sense, along with a massive intellectual capacity.  An astronaut, is a professional of precision.  The same goes for a neurosurgeon.  There should be no space for error.  I would not expect an astronaut — or a neurosurgeon — to say, fuck facts, let’s make it up as we go along.  But this is exactly what we are getting.  In spades.

Imagine a president who, in the middle of a crisis, has his round-table of advisors already decided to not listen to his subject matter experts?  What if there was significant evidence suggesting that a small, West Asian (because “Middle-East” is a colonial term) nation is innocent in whatever the charges are, and the president decided to say fuck facts, and started another war despite evidence contrary?  The point I’m getting at here is the fact that you cannot appoint a facts-resistant person as the leader of the Free World and expect great results.  This is a guy who will have the nuclear codes, and there’s a significant amount of people who wish to see him as Commander-in-Chief!?

Ben Carson wonders why he’s getting treated worse than Obama

Ben Carson wondered out loud why he isn’t handled like Obama as if Candidate Obama was handled so lightly.  The differences between Carson and Obama are vast.  While Candidate Carson accomplished more than Candidate Obama (counting pre-presidential experience), Ben Carson totally forfeits on his scientific background by betraying the logic of the scientific method as a whole.  In abandoning the scientific logic and reason, Ben Carson threw all of his actual life experience out the window.  The act of persistent stupidity, such as “believing” the ancient Egyptians stored food with their dead (as a medical professional!),  gives Candidate Obama the advantage.  While Obama was a senator with minimal experience, Candidate Obama who was a Harvard Law scholar, was lightyears ahead of Candidate Carson, who isn’t a politician at all.  Carson never held any political office such as governor, senator or congressman.  Conservative media was hard on Obama for his lack of experience, yet with Carson they seem to elevate him based on the premise of not being an experienced politician.  There’s no space for him to complain here.

The second point is even more ludicrous.  Ben Carson has been handled with kid’s gloves in comparison to Candidate Obama.  Ben Carson currently stands today as the first and only presidential candidate in American history — maybe in world history — to drop a rap song as a political ad.  Had Candidate Obama made such a juvenile attempt to appeal to the black community, it would have been political suicide.  Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, O’Reilly and other conservative pundits would have a field day.  Even Jon Stewart would rip Obama.  Obama would NOT survive politically, and would be largely un-electable had he even thought of making a rap song.  Think about this.  Ben Carson got a free pass from the Republican Party to engage in a shallow-ass rap song all in the name of gaining black votes.  Do you honestly think Barrack Obama in 2008 could have done the same without consequence?

Is he just acting the part?

One thought comes to mind is the idea that perhaps, maybe, Ben Carson is merely acting to attain votes.  He, like the rapper Cam’ron of Dipset, might be dumbing down his intellect to appeal to his “base”.  If this is the case, this speaks measures on how low the bar is in regards to Republican voters.  This theory make sense; the main front runner of the GOP is Donald Trump, a reality T.V. show actor/bigot whose speech style registers on the 4th grade level.  Trump says something ignorant all the time and it works; why not follow suit?  After all, it’s politically sound as a black republican to not appear “too smart” otherwise you’ll intimidate your base, right?

The problem with this theory is the fact that it doesn’t absolve one of the sin of stupidity.  One must keep up the charade by actively choosing stupid decisions such as standing by idiotic talking points and “beliefs” as if they are set in stone.  In acting like an idiot, you actually become one.  Even further, the person who wishes to function as an idiot might be worse than a true idiot.  If one is ignorant, they cannot help it; if someone is knowledgeable and selects to be stupid, that’s were true evil lies.

Being that “acting” stupid leads to kinetic decisions, effects and consequences, simply “playing” dumb doesn’t fly.  At all.

A pet negro today can still get his card pulled tomorrow

Ben Stein, ex-speech writer for ex-President Richard Nixon, “wondered” if President Obama hates America because he’s “part black”.  Well, if Ben Stein (and many republicans/conservatives) wish to imply that black people hate America, then where does that leave Ben Carson, who cannot boast being mixed with white?

The problem Ben Carson has is a problem I don’t even know if he has foresight on.  Dr. Carson is probably so bought in, he might just believe he transcended “blackness” by being a tool of the system.  I think this is the goal for many conservative blacks, to somehow erase their state of being black, like Dolezal in reverse, like so many who were light-skinned enough to pass for white.

Unfortunately, Ben Carson isn’t light enough to make people forget he’s a black man.  While conservatives adore the idea of using his tokenism to “prove” they aren’t racist, this token negro pet position isn’t an unconditional state.  Once Ben Carson fumbles the ball in front of Putin, sleeps during another 9/11, fails to take the best course of action, starts a stupid war, or loses his composure, his support from the GOP will disappear almost overnight.  Once-loyal republicans will all of a sudden remember he’s black, and will niggerize him accordingly.  Ben Carson seemingly spent a lifetime defending white privilege.  I predict that it would be a severe shock to his senses that he would lose his base so quickly.  After all, he played the game.  Unfortunately for him, racists whites only see black people as something that SERVES THEM, therefore, he is only a servant.  If he fails — and he will — he will suffer the lash of the whip, maybe forever wondering how did a house negro end up naked & tethered to a tree by only his neck.

If Ben Carson wins, his story will be a Greek tragedy

When Ben Carson fails as a president, it would pretty much confirm white biases against blacks in leadership positions.  Remember how so many Democrats forgot they voted for the Iraq War?  That’s the same exact posture Carson’s voters will take once things turn sour.  And it will be painful to watch, whether you like him or not.

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