Blaming Religion is Like Blaming the Skateboard.

Onyx Contributor:  Johnny Silvercloud (@JohnnySilverclo)

This, is a skateboard.

Skateboards are made for riding on, it is only that simple.  But what if one day, a person like myself were to grab the skateboard, and smack you with it?  Would you blame me for hitting you with the skateboard?  Would you blame all skateboarders?  Would you use the soft way of blaming a mass of people by laying blame on the skate culture?  Would you blame the skateboard itself?

You see, when you blame religion for something that a person does, you’re like that person who blames the skateboard.  And it’s really stupid for you to do so.

Even more painful to watch are my conservative friends who are quick to claim that “guns don’t kill people, people kill people”, all while blaming religion for the death, murder, or acts of terror committed by people.  If guns don’t kill people, what in the world makes you think a book can?  How many accidental deaths happened where a kid took a Koran to the head, and blew his face off?  When did you ever hear of a guy pulling out a Bible for a spree killing?  I know there’s flaw in the “guns don’t kill people” argument (which I tear down frequently), but from my conservative friends, I only ask for consistency.  I mean, Christ.

If I were to pop you in the face with a skateboard, by all means, blame me.  Sure, it’s easier to blame the device which was misused to commit an act of violence.  It’s easier to blame skater culture, despite the fact that every skateboarder doesn’t commit or condone acts of violence with skateboards.  Most skaters mind their own business.  Most skaters do not form groups and gangs to terrorize people.  You know that thing called “religion”?  The same logic applies.  

With that said, you shouldn’t worry about looking for a special group of skateboarders to hold a press conference to “condemn this senseless act of skateboard violence”.  Why? Because it’s not their fault.  Remember, I’m the one that smacked you in the face with my skateboard; they didn’t.

I can only hope that this makes it easier for those who fail to engage in critical thinking, to realize that blaming religion, or blaming a mass of people is stupid.  If you think blaming the skateboard is ridiculous, then you know what it’s like to be me, looking at people, social media and mass media each time someone commits an act of terror in the name of religion.

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