Dear Negus Vu…Coloring Red, Black, & Green On Money IS NOT Black Empowerment

Negus Vu, Onyx Truth

Dear Negus Vu

I’m just going to be blunt with you.  Coloring on money IS NOT Black economic empowerment.  It’s just coloring on money.  That’s it.  No really, that’s it.

I get it, somewhere in your peabody mind you feel the need to do something towards taking steps to practicing group economics.  I get it.  But let’s just analyze a few things here in regards to your feeble attempt at inspiring Black society to practice group economics.

For starters, let’s just assume that Black owned businesses were to jump onboard with your coloring program and they actually did begin to accept defaced currency with the colors red, black, & green on them.  Ok.  Outside of Black owned businesses, who else is going to accept that currency?  Meaning, when it’s time for that Black owned business to re-up their inventory in order to provide its customer base with products, who outside of that Black owned business in the economic chain is going to accept that form of currency?  Who?

Here’s a few questions you need to ask yourself Negus Vu

Will the wholesaler that the Black owned business buys his/her products from accept that money?

Will the distributor that the wholesaler buys their products from accept that money?

Will the manufacturer that the distributor buys their products from accept that money?

Will the person who processes raw materials that the manufacturer buys from accept that money?

Next ask yourself this Negus Vu

How many Black owned wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers, & people who process raw materials do you know of?  How many of these people actually exist in the world to the point where you honestly believe you can pass around money that has coloring on it BEFORE it actually winds up back into the hands of more than likely a white owned establishment?  How many?  I’ll let you in on a little secret…it’s not that many Black owned entities that grow beyond the store front.  Let’s just keep it all the way real here.

Here’s what the real issue is Negus Vu for people who subscribe to your tomfoolery about coloring money…

Niggas are being lazy and looking for a shortcut.  Straight up, plain & simple.  Yes I said some of you niggas are being lazy.  What do I mean?  Glad you asked.

Instead of going about the proper steps to building a Black economy that can PROPERLY circulate Black dollars amongst Black owned businesses & institutions, knee grows have resorted to coloring money as a means of “practicing group economics”.  Really, is this how low some of you in Black society have allowed yourselves to sink?  Apparently so considering at the time of this writing, that post you shared has been re-shared over 160 times so far with the vast majority of the people cosigning this foolishness being more than likely nothing but the dustiest of the dustiest knee grows Black society has to offer.  I mean damn, knee grows honestly want to shortcut their way out of the system of white supremacy.  This is a damn shame.

How about this Negus Vu, how about you round up 10 of your closest dusty ass knee grows, you all contribute at least $1000 – $10k into a pot.  You all use that money to purchase/rent a storefront property in your community, get a business license, & open up shop.  Maybe one or 2 of you actually own/run the business and the remaining 8 could be considered private investors.  You all build up that business in your community, run it like a real legit professional business (meaning cut out all of the dusty stereotypical black business owner niggardtry), & make that business successful.  You then break your private investors off their dividends from the profits you generate.  Next, you take that money you’ve been stock piling for your profits and open up a second location in your community and repeat the process of success.  Next, you take that profit money from the success of your first 2 shops and buy a strip plaza that you can own & control in your community.  You then rent/lease store fronts in that plaza that you own to OTHER BLACK BUSINESSES so that eventually you can begin to lay the foundation down for a REAL BLACK BUSINESS DISTRICT in your community that can be duplicated by other Black business owners/investors.

Once you have successfully created a Black business district, you then begin to use that money being generated in that Black business district to buy politicians & lawyers who can then begin to go to war against white supremacy from the legal standpoint.  And from there you can continue to build, build, and build to the point where more Black people can move up to become wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers, & natural resource providers.

Now I’ve just given you the most basic of the basic scenario for how to properly go about implementing Black economic empowerment that can actually produce REAL TANGIBLE results that have the ability to actually positively affect Black society.  The problem is, knee grows who applaud & resort to coloring money more than likely will not give a damn about putting in the real work to establishing a true Black economy because too many of you knee grows ARE LAZY and determined to scheme your way out of doing something meaningful that can truly combat racism & white supremacy.

Stop being a lazy nigga who likes to color on money & go out there and build something real Negus Vu.

Your favorite mulatto.
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