Just For The Record, All Light Skindeded People Do Not Dance Like Drake

There are a lot of light skindeded beliefs circulating the world wide webs these days that need to be discussed such as:

We all have good hair (50.2% true).  We all are capable of creating pretty babies (100% true).  We all are highly stuck up (93.23% true).  We all are more emotional than our darker skin brethren (15.99% true).  And we all are Drake fans (75.01% true).  The list of beliefs can go on & on & on & on with the matching memes to prove it, but here’s where I have to put my foot down on all of this rambunctious light skindeded exaggerations…

All light skindeded people do not dance like Drake.

Drake is like a blessing & a curse all wrapped up into one package.  One minute he’s repping Team Light Skin to the fullest by destroying Team Dark Skin in a battle of bars, the next minute he’s playing hide & go get it with Serena Williams’ bootius maximus, then the next minute he’s reminding us that he’s truly a light skindeded Canadian who has absolutely no business shooting music videos of himself dancing.  This dude must have been on that ohhh-weee when he shot this video or Serena gave him a slice of those big ole cakes before they started filming.  Either way, Drake is bringing on unnecessary heat for Team Light Skin with his bar mitzvah 2-step.

Seriously, today I was out handling light skindeded business & I overheard some people talking about Drake’s latest moves in this video.  This is how the conversation went…

Team Dark Skin Member 1:  “Yo, did you see Drake’s Hotline Bling video?”

Team Dark Skin Member 2:  “Yeah I saw that video, (ha ha, he he).  I guess all Team Light Skin Members think they can dance now huh (ho ho, he he).”

Team Dark Skin Member 1:  “I know right.  They think they can rap, sing, & dance at the same time.  It’s like they think they are somehow just a bunch of super knee grows now.”

Team Dark Skin Member 2:  “Yeah I know right.  Now every time I hit the club Team Light Skin Members will be on the dance floor trying to take our girls with this lame bar mitzvah 2-step.”

Team Dark Skin Member 1:  “Yeah, too bad they have no idea how far back Drake is setting them right now with this Canadian jiggy foolishness.”

Listen up Drake,

Team Light Skin has been on a roll all year.  We don’t need any setbacks my dude…for real for real.  The next time you decide to start dancing, hire Chris Brown to teach you some fly simple shit you can handle, because right now it looks like Ice JJ Fish has been mentoring you.

P.S.:  I’m not a fan of this song, even tho I’ve listened to it about 20 times today so far & I once caught myself doing the Canadian bar mitzvah 2-step by accident.  Now if I can just get my beard to grow out a little bit more like yours I might be onto something.  Thanks Drake.

Your favorite mulatto.
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