Dear Will F. Hunter…Your Mother Must Have Been One Shitty Ass Woman

“Dear white man, from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you for raping my ancestors.  Were it not for you violating those ugly black women we would not be blessed with angels like this and would have to settle for fugly Harriet Tubman looking chicks.  I sometimes want to hate you for all the evil you’ve committed against my people, but when I see beauties like this all is immediately forgiven.  You improved our race so much by giving us attractive females and for that I am eternally grateful…You are truly a gift to the world.”  — FB User Will F. Hunter


  Will F. Hunter, Onyx Truth

le sigh…where does one begin with this fuckery??

 Dear Will F. Hunter,

I was going to write this long drawn out response to your statement above, but…I really don’t see the point right about now.  I really don’t.  I get it, you like light skin chicks.  Nothing wrong with that.  But damn nigga….your mother must have been one fucked up ass woman to you when you were a child.  Why am I bringing your mother into this?  Simple.  Due to your complexion, more than likely your mother is brown or dark skin & whatever shit she did to you as a child obviously fucked your head up to where you are just beyond saving at this point in your life.   I normally can create something witty to say for entertainment purposes, but in your case…I’m drawing a blank.

So with that being said I’ll just let the public fill in the blanks for me.

Your favorite mulatto.


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