Dear Jermaiine Lewis…Women Can’t Impregnate Themselves

“It seems MOST black women are ANTI birth control:  this explains the HIGH multiple baby daddies.  If black women will COLLECTIVELY take birth control this mess will STOP.” — FB User Jermaiine Lewis

Jermaiine Lewis, Onyx Truth

Dear Jermaiine Lewis,

It seems rather apparent you failed sex-ed in high school.

Let me ask you a question:

Have you ever stuck your penis inside of a woman before & skeeted?  Serious question.

I ask because if you ever have, then you would know that in order for a woman to become pregnant (in the traditional manner), a dude has to shoot some skeet-skeet up in her.  Meaning, a dude that is getting all up in them guts has to VOLUNTARILY shoot baby batter up in a woman to impregnate her.  You do understand how this concept works correct?  I mean, if you’ve never had sex with a woman because you prefer poking dudes in their pooper…well, that behavior has become more & more acceptable these days.  So if gargling balls & going up the dookie shoot is your thing vs diving in some coochie…do your thing bruh, do your thing.

But let’s just assume you are heterosexual & prefer engaging in intercourse with the opposite sex.  I’m not talking about transexual/transgender women, but real 100% natural born women.  The kind whom from birth entered the world with a vagina & didn’t have to pay to get one later in life.  You know, like…I don’t know…the woman who birthed you type of women.  Let’s just say sleeping with REAL women is your thing.  And let’s go even further to assume that you have actually slept with a woman on more than one occasion.  You do understand that during the process of having sex, the guy controls whether or not he gets a woman pregnant?  You do understand this right?  I know it seems very complicated, but in all reality, it’s quite simple.  You see, men have this thing called a penis that when it becomes erect it’s main mission in life is to get up in some female guts with the explicit intent of shooting off some man juice for the sole purpose of that man juice connecting with a fertile egg in order to create offspring (another name for kids by the way).  You do understand how this process works correct?

Now in order for some man juice to travel up the vagina, into the cervix, into the uterus, onto the fallopian tubes to connect with a fertile egg; a guy HAS to bust a nut in them guts.  I know I got a little scientific with you in that last sentence, so just google that shit if you don’t understand it.  But the point of the matter is, a guy…meaning YOU…has to cum (porn talk) inside of a woman to get her pregnant.  Sure there are these magical plastic looking sleeves called condoms you can put on, but they are not 100% effective at preventing pregnancy.  Sure women can pop pills, get shots, wear female condoms, & probably some other shit that I don’t know about to attempt to prevent a pregnancy.  But once again, A MAN HAS TO SHOOT BABY BATTER INTO A WOMAN in order for there to even be a risk of getting pregnant in the first damn place.  Is this starting to make a little sense to you know?  I hope so.

So Jermaiine Lewis, you stated:

It seems MOST black women are ANTI birth control:  this explains the HIGH multiple baby daddies.  If black women will COLLECTIVELY take birth control this mess will STOP.

Your statement implies that it is WOMEN whom are ultimately responsible for getting pregnant.  Women.  It is WOMEN who are responsible for all of these baby daddies.  Women.  That’s rather interesting.  Now according to the logic in your simple ass mind, I would love for you to explain me how that is even possible.  Please do so in the comments.

But here’s the real deal Jermaiine Lewis, the real reason there are so many baby daddies is because niggas like you have failed the art of the pull-out.  What’s the pull-out?  I’m glad you asked.  The pull-out is when you as a man decide to have sex with a woman WITH or WITHOUT a condom on (usually takes place when you are not wearing a condom), and right before the man juice explosion, you pull your little pecker out and let that skeet fly all over her Dollar General bed sheets.  You let it fly everywhere BUT inside of that vagina you just pulled out from.  Why?  Because this will ensure your little sailors (sperm) do not navigate their way to a potentially fertile egg to begin the process of creating another life.  Trust me, I know how good it can feel to bust inside of a woman, trust me I do.  I have 2 kids my damn self by the same woman.  Our two children weren’t accidents, they were planned, & also I’m not a baby daddy.  I’m a father to my two children and a husband to my wife.  I know traditional family units are going out of style these days, but over in my neck of the woods…this is how we do things.

But getting back on track, you failed the art of the pull-out bruh.  Dudes like you stay thinking in your underdeveloped brains, “Duhhh…she says she’s on the pill.  So uhhh…Imma bust inside of her.”  Then magically 9 months later a tiny person pops out and now it’s HER FAULT.  She trapped you, she lied to you, she did this, she did that.  I’ve heard all of the stories.  But the one thing you peons fail to comprehend time and time again is that, if your fathers (whom I’m assuming amounted to be nothing but baby daddies their damn selves) had of taught you idiots about the pull-out, then guess what…there wouldn’t be a baby 9 months later.

So what’s the lesson here for you Jermaiine Lewis?

The lesson is this…

No matter what she tells you, if you plan on getting up in them guts raw dawg, but you don’t want a kid….learn how to pull-out.  Women can’t just magically get themselves pregnant.  A guy HAS to send baby batter up the baby chute.  That’s how this thing called procreation works.  The reason there are so many baby daddies is not because of women failing to take birth control, it’s because of dudes failing to stop skeeting up in these women.

I hope I’ve cleared some things up for you.

Your favorite mulatto.


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