Slim Jesus Probably Will Kill You & Get Away With It…After All, He’s White

Anytime you see a white boy hanging out with a group of Black guys, please understand that the white boy is probably the craziest person in the group.  Seriously.  Think about all of the shit that white boy had to go through in order to be accepted by the group of Black guys as one of the “niggas”.  Think about all of that pinned up aggression he held onto during his knee grow initiation period.  Now think about this same white boy waiting for the perfect opportunity to let that aggression loose so he can prove he’s truly one of the “niggas”.  Seriously, just think about it.  While you’re thinking about it, say hello to Slim Jesus…

A few quick thoughts about Slim Jesus

1.  This lil white dude could quite possibly be a miscellaneous baby that Eminem created with some ratchet Becky on the Up In Smoke tour back in 2000.  Seriously, peep the resemblance.

2.  The next time I see a young white kid with a buzz cut walking down the street sagging his skinny jeans, I’m crossing the street.  In case you forgot, white boys are really shooting knee grows up these days.  Just turn on the news.  From cops to Dylan Roof, they are giving knee grows that work.

3.  I wonder how Bill O’Reilly and the rest of white America are going to react when they see one of their youngsters embracing this so-called “thug culture” fans of Faux News love to blame as Black society’s major problem.

4.  There’s no doubt in my mind that Slim Jesus would go out & attempt to do everything he sang in his song in real life.  Like I mentioned earlier, young white boys are fucking crazy these days.  Just think of this song being his version of the Dylan Roof manifesto.  So all those dusty knee grows cooning & buffooning in the background of the video need to be on their p’s & q’s around this future serial killer.

5.  I predict Drake signing this dude.

Your favorite mulatto.
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