White woman sues because she expected her child to have white privilege

Onyx Contributor:  Johnny Silvercloud (@JohnnySilverclo)

Colorblindness is a lie.

I’ve always stated that colorblindness isn’t a real thing.  I’ve always stated that colorblindness in regard to race relations, is a lie.  In the case of Jennifer Cramblett, the sociological lie of a colorblind society remains self-evident.

Jennifer Cramblett, a white woman who sued after she was impregnated with the sperm of an Afro-American man just had an Illinois judge toss out her claim.  She filed suit against Midwest Sperm Bank in 2014 because she was artificially inseminated with sperm from the “wrong” donor and gave birth to a black daughter.  Midwest Sperm Bank apologized and refunded part of the cost to Cramblett and her partner Amanda Zinkon.  But Cramblett claims that having a black child has caused her family stress, pain, suffering and medical expenses.  She also fears her daughter will grow up as an “outcast”, due to her predominantly white community.  

Wow.  Just, wow.

If a white woman having a black child causes stress, pain and suffering, what to make of a black woman giving birth to the same?  It seems that it’s awfully difficult to ignore the plight of black people in this near-apartheid America, when you give birth to one, doesn’t it?  As a black man I find myself disgusted with her complaint.  In suing against a sperm bank, she treats the matter as if being black is a birth defect, versus just being a skin tone difference.  In suing against the sperm bank, she implies there’s something wrong with being black.  (To the white readers:  is there?  Am I wrong for being black too?)  If you think I’m exaggerating, understand this:  “wrongful birth” suits apply to cases where the child is born with a birth defect that doctors should have warned parents about.  In this case, the child was healthy.

Let’s not mince words; she isn’t suing because of a health defect.  She’s suing because she wants (expects) her child to have white privilege — the same white privilege that she, her partner, and the rest of her family has.

Outcast?  Well, that’s telling.

About the point where she fears her daughter will grow up as an “outcast” in her white-bread community:  what about the MILLIONS of black people in America as is, who seek to become members of similar communities, becoming home owners in American suburbia?  What about the black person who joins a predominantly white work force?  What about the black guy who joins an oil rig?  A coal mine?  A newsroom?  A hockey team?

While I’m more than happy when a white person finally wakes the hell up, I’m staunchly disgusted with the fact that any white person can duck and dodge the reality of nonwhites, choose stupidity and ignorance over the said experiences of others, even after being made aware.  In this case, Ms. Cramblett can simply place the child into adoption, and completely forget about the ordeal, and live out her happy white-bread life without ever thinking about the plight of black (or any other nonwhite) people again.  Ignorance is what allows white people to sleep at night in regards to the 2nd class citizenship that is placed on the shoulders of black people.  Thankfully, she chooses to keep her daughter, for she loves her daughter.

Why so ignorant?

She also made a sad, but very valid point on the fact that she has “limited cultural competency” concerning blackness.  Like I stay saying, that throws the “colorblind” logic out of the window.  People say they are colorblind so they can IGNORE racism.  You don’t have to listen to my word on racism if you can pretend that it doesn’t exists.  Well, if you LOVE someone who is of another color, you’re forced to recognize the facts.  I mean, shit, I hope so.  “Limited cultural competency?”  The good news Mrs. Cramblett, is that competency can be fostered.  Competency can be grown.

The sad part of how a white people can spend all of their lives NOT being “culturally competent” with black (or other nonwhite) lives, but we (people of color) are all inherently made to be “culturally competent” of white society, white culture, and white realities.

The biggest issue I have with the story of Jennifer Cramblett, is that she seems to be part of a homosexual couple, which on the side of activism has always sought to use many strategies black people painstakingly perfected in the civil rights fight.  A white woman learns what it’s like to be a black mother, and decides to sue.

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