“I Don’t Get Tired After Kicking My Fans In The Chest!” — Kevin Gates

Ever since the Hot Boys fell apart, Louisiana has elevated a lot of wack ass hip hop artists to rap superstardom.  First it was Lil’ Boosie & his non rapping ass & now it’s Kevin Gates; the knee grow with questionable mental issues, who admits to sleeping with his cousin even after discovering she was his cousin, the knee grow who never gets tired, & the knee grow notorious for declaring his love for eating booty.  I know more about shit he does in his personal life than I know about his music.  I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.  But after this display of “fan appreciation” in the video below, I’m pretty sure I won’t be checking for his music anytime soon…

Did this nigga really just KICK one of his fans for touching his shorts?  Really???

This nigga really did kick one his fans.  A fan who paid to see him perform his music.  A fan who is putting money directly in his pocket so he can continue his tireless quest of eating booty.  Real talk, this nigga actually kicked the fuck out of one of his female fans.  What’s even more pathetic is the fact that A LOT OF YOU out there reading this who happen to be a Kevin Gates fan will continue to support this lame ass nigga & probably blame the fan for acting like….I don’t know….A FAN!

“Light Skin Hero, b-b-b-but fans be attacking these artists on stage like how they did Plies!”says a random dumb nigga reading this blog post.

Random dumb nigga reading this blog post……………..shut the fuck up.

Yes, Plies got tossed off the stage like he was in a WWE match, but this nigga Kevin Gates straight tried to punt this female fan like a football for grabbing his shorts for less than a second.  And you lame knee grows will continue to support this fool.  Fuxx outta here.

Being that I’m originally from Florida, Imma let one of the homies from Tampa say a few words regarding this foolishness.  But keep in mind, this nigga Kevin Gates kicked a fan for touching his shorts.  A fan who PAID to see him perform.  A fan who probably thinks this nigga is the greatest rapper since Lil’ Boosie.  A fan who probably longs for the day when Kevin Gates makes an IG video talking about how he ate her booty.  A fan…Kevin Gates, you are truly one dumb ass nigga.

Your favorite mulatto.
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