I Got Called a Coon For Asking “Where’s The Money At?”

Now imagine this…me, the Light Skin Super Hero, who’s written and/or podcasted over 200 pieces on this website with a vast majority of my material talking about and promoting Black economic empowerment; imagine someone calling me a coon because I decided to put more emphasis on using money to get things done versus marching up & down the street all day long begging for the dominant society to respect Black society.  Imagine that…a coon.  Me…of all people.  Knee grows I tell ya.

I swear Black folks take their cues from white society on everything BUT how to acquire power, wealth, & influence.

A few days ago I got into a rather heated debate with some other Black content creator about whether or not marching & protesting is effective.  From my personal opinion, marching & protesting is not effective.  Sure marching & protesting brings about awareness, but truth be told, how many times must the public be made aware of the same situation over & over & over & over again?  How many dead unarmed Black bodies need to drop before people marching & protesting finally realize that all of these public displays of awareness are producing no effect at all beyond just simply bringing awareness?  At what point in time do Black people decide it’s time to move on to phase 2:  Buying politicians.

Buying politicians…the hell you talking about?

In case you didn’t watch the Republican Primary Debate that came on about a week or so ago, also known as the Donald Trump show, you may have missed one of the most important lines in the history of politics being bluntly blurted out by Donald Trump in regards to how he’s basically became this massive success in life.  Donald Trump went on live tv in front of millions on top of millions on top of millions of people watching this debate and stated in regards to his relationship with Hillary Clinton that he buys politicians so he can get them do what he needs done.  I’m not even making this shit up.  We all know how blunt the Donald can be, but real talk, the man unabashedly stated in nothing less than a “the fuck you gonna do about it” smugness that he buys politicians.  Now everyone in America should know that this happens, but this could quite possibly be the first time we’ve actually heard someone in the political arena blatantly admit to it.  The man told America how the game is played & won.

Meanwhile back in the land of Blacktivism, knee grows missed this point.  Matter of fact, knee grows have been ducking & dodging this fact since forever now.  Too many Blacktivists have convinced themselves & countless other Black folks that all we need to do as a people is march, protest, & beg for acceptance.  Seriously, you all can say protesting & marching is a means by which to bring awareness to an issue.  I say it has evolved into nothing more than a strategy to beg & plead the dominant society to chill the fuck out on their conduct in regards to Black society.  That’s it.  Like I stated earlier…EVERYONE KNOWS WHAT THE PROBLEMS ARE & HAVE KNOWN ABOUT THEM…SHIT IS NO SECRET.  But yet, we keep on marching around in circles thinking we are really doing things when the reality is, we do not want to own up to the fact that moving beyond step 1 (the protest) actually requires MORE WORK & will NOT bring about the coveted reward of social media fame in my opinion too many Blacktivists are really chasing.

I talked about this on this last Onyx Truth Live episode & my partner in the pursuit of truth Johnny Silvercloud stated that there are people behind the scenes making moves with the money, to which I do agree with him.  But the problem I explained to him on that episode is that these people are no where near as in the spotlight as they probably should be compared to that of the Blacktivists who hit the streets protesting every other week.  I told him Black people need to see, learn about, & get inspired from those who are behind the scenes making the necessary financial moves to buy politicians, start businesses, & purchase property just as much, if not more so than the people making names off of organizing protests.  Because as of right now, damn near everybody who comprehends the problem of police brutality & white supremacy are fully inspired by those organizing protests because that is all we are exposed to which unfortunately leads too many people to believe that protesting is the only thing we need to do in order to inflict real social change so Black society can stop getting its ass handed to us by the dominant society every other day.  We need more exposure on the people who are trying to get these finances to do our fighting for us so we can buy the proper lawyers, judges, & politicians so they can begin to do Black society’s bidding by creating new laws & policies to either severely punish or put an end to those who abuse Black society.

But I get called a coon because I prefer to play the economic game the dominant society lives & dies by.  The only game that truly matters.  The only game we in Black society have yet to master compared to every other culture.  The only game that actually means something.

Money talks while protesters continue to walk.

Your favorite mulatto.
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