Meek Mill, I Just Wanna Know… Is That The Best You Got? C’mon Son…

Meek, c’mon son.  Is this really the best you got?  Is this really what niggas have been sitting around watching their Twitter feeds anxiously awaiting for?  Is this really what I am dedicating time to actually writing about?  Meek, c’mon son.  Smh…I should have learned from your diss track in reference to Cassidy.  But, you fooled me Meek.  You fooled me.  You fooled me into thinking you were actually going to come with a few worthy bars.  But instead I got 4 minutes & 3 seconds of a you sounding like a nigga rapping with a nasally sinus problem.

Meek, you let DC Young Fly down.  DC just told you he got jumped by 3 light skin dudes in Chipotle that looked like Chris Brown, so he was looking forward to you coming with that heat to help Team Dark Skin redeem themselves.  Meek, you failed brah.

Maybe it’s just me Meek.  Maybe it’s just me.  Maybe I’m slightly biased towards Team Light Skin because I am a member, but Meek…c’mon son.  Is this really the best you got?  I just wanna know.

Meek, you are dating Nicki Minaj bruh.  You couldn’t get her to lend you a few bars?  You couldn’t get Nicki to write you a few knockout punchlines?  Just one?  Nobody would have had to know.  It would have been just between you and her.  Listen, I know you got something to prove & you got to be the man of your relationship, but Meek, it’s ok to get help from your woman every now & then.  Especially if she is more talented than you.  Meek, it’s nothing wrong that.  You two are supposed to be a team, kind of like how she was with Safaree.  He helped her to write some shit, so she should be able to help you write some shit.  Meek, I just wanna know how come you didn’t seek the assistance of your girl Meek?  Your girl stays winning Meek.  Next time you are in them guts slipping & sliding, let some of the winner energy transfer to you.

Meek, Drake called you a wifey-nigga.  A wifey-nigga.  Drake said you’re trying to act like your girl’s tour is your tour.  Drake said you got Twitter fingers Meek.  Twitter fingers.  Hell even if Quentin Miller did write those bars as well…nigga said you got Twitter fingers B.  And the only line you can comeback with is “You really sweet I call you buttercup.”  Meek, c’mon bruh.  I just wanna know, is this really the best you got?  Oh yeah, you did call him a “Milli Vanilli nigga”…..I wish you can see the “c’mon son” face I’m making right now.  Since you can’t, check out the homie below…


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