Sam DuBose Just Got Executed, Who Will Be Next?

My goodness.  I haven’t even had time to let the full scenario of Sandra Bland’s arrest & untimely death settle in my mind before I’m slapped square in the face with yet ANOTHER video of a police officer executing another member of Black society, Sam DuBose.  My goodness.  The cops might as well just stop fucking around & just formally declare an all out war on Black society.  Seriously, what else could it be?  It’s getting to the point that I’m on the verge of forgetting the names of the people that have been killed because new victims are popping up damn near every week now.

New York Magazine recently published a cover for their magazine showing 35 women whom alleged to have been sexually assaulted by Bill Cosby.  Along with these 35 women sitting down in chairs, at the very bottom of the image was an empty chair, which prompted the #EmptyChair hashtag to bring awareness to all of the women in the world who are victims of sexual assault but have yet to come forward with their story.  I think New York Magazine needs to run a similar magazine cover depicting all of the Black lives lost to police brutality & have a #BlackLivesMatter version of a missing chair implying who’s going to be next, because just like I stated in my last article, Black people are just one police stop away from becoming a hashtag on Twitter.

This shit is just flat out ridiculous.  How do you go from being pulled over for a missing front license plate to catching a bullet to the face?  How does that happen?  What in the fuck kind of training are these cops getting as to where they enter a situation & kill people that pose absolutely NO THREAT to their lives.  I’m at a loss for words right now.  It’s almost like I don’t even want to begin to comprehend this because the moment I do, another body will be making the news.

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