Trigger Fingers Turn to Twitter Fingers

Let’s be real, rap beef hasn’t been the same since Ether.  Nas set the bar so high that, well….it’s yet to be matched & we have to entertain this new nigga rap beef I suppose.

A few quick thoughts about Drake & Meek Mill

1.  Niggas literally think they are doing things when they get to flexing on Twitter.  I’ve yet to figure this out.  Maybe this is some new school rap nigga shit.  I don’t know.  But I came up in the Golden Era of hip hop & niggas settled beef with the one true talent they had which got them put on in the first place…rap.  You got an issue with another artist, put it on wax.  Shit this is the main reason people are paying you to begin with.  Put that shit on wax.

2.  In the age of rap artists putting out wack ass singles at the speed of lightening fast wackness…Meek, where is your shit?  Drake has put out 2 songs in a matter of 72 hours or so & your only retaliation is twerking your fingers on Twitter.  Really?  Is this what Rick Ross signed you to do?  Once again, I don’t get it.  What happened to the days of rap artists damn near living in the studio like Tupac?  Seriously bruh, you are a rapper.  Your only mission in life should be to put out songs, no matter how average or wack they may be.  That is your craft.  Fellow Philly rapper Cassidy can’t be proud of you.

3.  Speaking of Cassidy, I guess the internet is going to act like they forgot all about Meek Mills score card for beefing with other rap artists.  Here is 10 straight minutes of bars…oh yeah, how you gonna say Drake doesn’t write his own shit when your mentor said he used to help you do the same thing?  I don’t get it.

4.  Meek, let’s just be real…is all of this really over your girl or Drake not tweeting your album out?  C’mon bruh.  Is this really what rap has devolved to?  Niggas catching feelings over some shit your girl may or may not have done prior to you coming into the picture & niggas catching feelings over the lack of support tweets.  C’mon bruh.  C’mon son.  Or and this is a BIG ASS OR…could it be that your career may be on the verge of dwindling down to that of what Safaree’s is?  Just another nigga Nicki had on the roster?  Maybe, just maybe?  So now in order to get some of your girl’s spotlight, you got start Twitter twerking?  Just maybe?  Hell, what would I know.  I don’t rap.  I’m just a nigga twerking keys on my keyboard for my blog.

5.  Light skin niggas stay winning.  It’s the truth.  I’m just saying.  It is what it is.  But real talk, #TeamLightSkin stays winning.  #LightSkinMatters.

In closing, I’m giving this victory to Drake simply because he decided to address this beef on wax.  I’m guessing Drake is seeing what I’m seeing.  Niggas got problems, put it on wax & let the listeners decide.  Anybody can craft a tweet, but not too many people can craft bars, even if they are SUPPOSED to be getting paid to craft bars in the first place.  Well Meek, let us know when your response drops so I can have some more bullshit to blog about in the world of hip hop.

Your favorite mulatto.

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