The Blue Klux Klan’s School of Lynching Black People

Onyx Contributor:  Johnny Silvercloud (@JohnnySilverclo)

Now, I know that there’s many of you out there who hate black people.  The Klu Klux Klan’s operations might be too clandestine for your tastes, and you’re probably too hairy for the skinhead movement.  So if you want to terrorize black people in broad daylight, you have third option: The Blue Klux Klan

You see, with the Blue Klux Klan you are empowered by the state to kill any black person you wish.  Have biases towards black and brown people?  Don’t worry, the majority of white people will give you a free pass, to maim, brutalize, and ultimately destroy these black and brown people.  Why? Because your biases are their biases!  White people — the empowered majority — only see racism with a 50-100 year hindsight, so today, you’ll be just fine; no one with sociological power to ruin your life will see you as the racist fascist you are.  And that’s not all; black and brown people can also be deployed to distract the masses from having a moral filter.  As a matter of fact many of them will willfully volunteer themselves, to include adopting asinine talking points, to escape white wrath.

“If anyone who is charged with the responsibility to serve and protect breaks the law, breaks the trust of the public, or engages in acts that are unconstitutional and unjust, then that person will be charged with the fullest extent of the law.” ~ said No Politician, Ever.

In being a Blue Klux Klan member, you get to enjoy white privilege and cop privilege combined.  You will have more than enough resources than the common man to cover your tracks when you engage in the art of killing.  The prosecutor and the media?  All on your side.  Conservatives are fascists in regards to black people, and liberals’ reluctance to recognize white privilege paralyzes them from committing to the proper action.  White people by large enjoy black (and brown) people living in a totalitarian state while being free to do whatever they want, like smoking a cigarette in a car while stopped by police.

Since you look interested in joining the ranks of the Blue Klux Klan, take a look at their method of killing black people without ever facing justice:

  1. Harass the black person.  Want to take out that white racial animus?  Just approach the black person off of something minor.  Make sure that you are the least professional person regardless of your social responsibility to be an upstanding citizen in uniform.  After all, this person is black, so no matter how idiotic, arrogant, or deranged you are, this person will infinitely be ostracized and demonized by the American public, far more than you’ll ever be.  So first, harass a black person.
  2. Be the bully.  Go ahead.  Release that white rage.  It doesn’t matter if this person actually didn’t do anything wrong, because you can always antagonize this targeted black person with the socially accepted notion that black people aren’t allowed to be angry.  If the black person is acting exaggeratedly dignant, get more mad and bully this person so they become indignant.  That way, you can charge them for something stupid, like “being combative” or “resisting arrest”.   It doesn’t matter if it’s a man, woman or child.  Just go for it.  Don’t worry, the American Public has your back.  Those Black Live Matter people?  No one listens to them anyway.  It is your duty to inflict domestic state sponsored terrorism onto the black population.
  3. Kill the black person.  I’m sure you’re having fun being the bully, but why stop there?  Kill this black person.  You can either act on impulse and kill this person in the street, or plot a lynching later when you imprison them under false pretenses.  Hell, you can even kill them en route.
  4. Lie.  Trust me, this works like a charm.  As a member of the Blue Klux Klan you have a myriad of resources to cover your tracks.  As a cop, we investigate ourselves, and racism the American public will ensure we can always tamper with and throw away indicting evidence, as long as we don’t ever harm a young blonde white girl.  If you kill a child, ensure that the public knows that you thought the kid was a grown adult, who infinitely was “reaching for your gun” and you “had reason to for for your life”.
  5. Demonize the victim.  Remember this person was black so this is easy.  Simple things such as marijuana in their system will conflate their identity to a thug pot head.  If they got bad grades in school, release that.  Remember, they are black, black, black, black, black.  Americans are deeply racist, and regard blacks as the most expendable humans in the country.  If the majority of white people can launch all black people into outer space, they would.  If a white person was in a room with Hitler, Pol Pot and a random black person with a gun and two bullets, they’d shoot the black person twice.  Any minor infraction in life — which has no relation to the fact that you murdered this person  — is up for grabs.  Be sure to “leak” these details to the media as soon as possible.

With this five step process, you will have killed an American citizen without ever having to face your own sins.  You get to institutionalize racism and keep your job, all at the same time!  Just like the modern Klu Klux Klan, they also empower minorities to do the job too, because nothing’s better than ensuring you can deny racism by the superficial look of a black person acting in the name of white supremacy.

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