Petty Officer’s Multiple Violations Led to Sandra Bland’s Arrest

Onyx Contributor:  Lavinia (@SheBeShonuff)

And ultimately her death.

So Officer Petty Panties initiated an unnecessary exchange by pointing out that Sandra Bland seemed irritated.


Write the damn ticket or the warning!  WTF you care if she’s irritated?  It’s a traffic stop.  Who is ever happy about that?  But not only does she address his curiosity, she calls him out on tailing her, which by the way he never denied doing.

Another violation.  In fact it was the violation that kicked this whole thing into motion.

She explains that he’s the reason why she switched lanes at all.  And now he’s stopped her after she was trying to get out of his way so he could handle his business.  So now what Officer Feelings?  Yes, she was JUSTIFIABLY irritated.  But of course, the petty games continue.

When he had no rebuttal, he decided that he wanted her to put out her cigarette; for no other reason but to further agitate her.  If your business is done then why bother?  Again, write up the citation and keep it moving.  It’s like he couldn’t pass up an opportunity to escalate the situation because he was feeling all of his small little man ass emotions.  He did all he could to gas up the situation with his nagging and petty whining.

Why are you irritated?
Oh you calling me out?
Put out your cigarette!
Get out the car!
I’m gonna light you up with this tazer!

The level and speed at which this thing grew is absolutely ridiculous and unacceptable especially after you break it down like that.

Then this happened:

“The Texas Department of Public Safety has placed Encinia on administrative duties after officials found ‘violations of procedures regarding traffic stops and the department’s courtesy policy'”.NBC News

In other words, he f#cked up.  If an officer doesn’t have the ability to rise above being petty among other things like racist and sexist, then that should be an automatic disqualifier.  I’m about sick of apologists pointing to Sandra Bland as if she was the problem.  No, the “presumably” trained officer who had a responsibility to follow proper traffic stop procedure and the department’s courtesy policy was the problem.  The officer who never denied his own traffic violation of driving way too close behind her in the first place was the problem.  Don’t forget that.

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