Only SOME Black Lives Matter In My Opinion

I write & say a lot of unpopular statements that often times cause a lot of people to get all caught up in their feels.  I don’t just sit around & make up these statements all willy nilly just to create controversy.  I say this shit because SOMEBODY has to say this it.  Somebody in Black society has to be willing to point out all of the buck dancing, shucking & jiving, & coonery and buffoonery taking place.  Somebody has to be willing to speak to Black society openly & honestly without worrying about who is going to catch feels for being offended.  Shit, I’m offended by the lack of Black people willing to voice their opinion on the shit they see right in front of their face.  I’m offended when Black people act as if they have some little white supremacist sitting on their shoulder monitoring every thought that formulates in their mind before the words fly out of his mouth.  I’m offended when Black people carry on in their lives as if they are ashamed of being Black.  As if talking about or dealing with Black issues is all of a sudden taboo.  That’s what offends me.  And it’s reasons like this as to why I am not a supporter of Black unity.  I’ll even take it a step further to cause some of you to really begin to catch a case of the feels…

Only SOME Black lives matter in my opinion.

Ooooooohhhhhhhh….I wasn’t supposed to say that was I?  Well I did.

You know what Black lives that do not matter to me are?  I’ll tell you.

1.  Anybody who purposely goes out of their way to make up excuses for the defense of systemic racism & white supremacy.  You know the types.  The “you need to pull yourself up by your bootstraps” & the “we are our own worst enemy” types.  These are the types who will go out of their way to avoid learning about undeniable proof & data that goes above & beyond to show that Black society has been purposely shitted on for 400 years.  They’ll use the “we got a Black President” excuse that they learned from some random member of the dominant society to explain why they think racism is a thing of the past that has no effect in modern times.  These type of knee grows are basically nothing more than Black people serving as ventriloquist dolls for the dominant society.  Whatever the dominant society reports or tells them to say, these bootlickers run back proudly to preach to the rest of the us.  You know…your Charles Barkley & Bill Cosby types.

2.  The next group of knee grows who do not matter to me are the bastard baby makers.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Understand, I have nothing against single mothers who are actively raising their kids to the best of their abilities AND trying to find a POSITIVE MALE INFLUENCE to be in their kids’ lives.  There is a difference between these women and the single mothers who just pop babies out for the fuck of it in order to increase their monthly government allowance.  These “pop a baby out to get paid” type of women are more than likely the type who go around reciting the fucked up “I don’t need a man” or “That nigga ain’t shit!” mantra which unfortunately becomes contagious & infecting the minds of the kids she is “raising” to where these kids either grow up thinking they don’t need a man (if the child is a female) OR the kid grows up becoming the “ain’t shit” nigga later in life (if the child is male).  Let’s just keep it real…Black women, whether you agree with me or not, have the BIGGEST influence on how your child will turn out later in life.  I don’t give a damn if the nigga that got you pregnant is around or skipped town on your ass, that child’s number one influence on how to interpret life comes directly FROM YOU.  So if you fuck that up, you are directly contributing to the internal decline of Black society period.

3.  The next group of knee grows Black society can definitely do without are the niggas who run around getting these bastard baby makers pregnate & leaving them.  Unless a man is locked up in jail or the mother of his kids is purposely preventing the man from seeing his kids, then there is absolutely no excuse at all as to why a man cannot be an active father in his kids’ lives.  None whatsoever.  NONE.  I don’t want to hear shit about how broke you are, how you are “trying”, & I definitely do not want to hear shit about the “man” preventing you from being a father.  Nigga miss me with that bullshit.  White supremacy CANNOT prevent you being an active father in your child’s life.  Knee grows will come up with every excuse in the world to not raise the kids they helped to create but these same knee grows can never find an excuse to prevent themselves from running up in some chick raw & getting her pregnant.  I’m not sure of the exact statistic but it’s something like 75% of all Black children are born out of wedlock & raised by single women.  There is absolutely no reason for the stat to be so damn high.  Black men if you don’t want kids, put a fucking condom on & stop skeeting up in these women.  Perfect your pull-out game.  Or better, yet…JUST STOP FUCKING AS IF FUCKING IS THE ONLY TALENT YOU HAVE.  Start working towards building something that can benefit future generations.

BLACK WOMEN…I’m coming back to you all…stop making babies with these dusty ass niggas.  Further STOP acting like you didn’t know the probability of this nigga leaving your ass.  You knew what type of dude he was before you even opened up your legs.  You more than likely grew up around dudes like him your entire life.  Yeah I said it.

And the last group of knee grows I could honestly give a damn about are…

4.  Those who recognize the problems, fully understand what the problems are, & choose to do nothing about it.  These are the types who will turn on the TV every night to learn about another member of Black society being gunned down with impunity by a member of the dominant society & then they will turn around and say some dumb shit like “Man, that’s fucked up.  That’s just the way it is.”  These are the type of knee grows who have accepted their fate & are just meandering around in life hoping that their number is not called in the white supremacist lottery.  These people are absolutely useless.  They have accepted defeat & are just waiting to die under the illusion that they will die respectfully & honorably.  No, you will die a coward.

There you have it.  These are the Black people I honestly do not give a damn about.

Yes, I know it sounds cruel & heartless.  Yes, I know I sound like I’m contradicting myself in regards to all of the things I write about or talk about on my podcast as it pertains to Black society.  Yes I know.  But understand, when I discuss the PROGRESSION of Black society, I’m only talking about the segment of Black society known as INTELLIGENT BLACK SOCIETY.  That’s it.  Intelligent Black Society is not out there recklessly creating babies with dusty ass niggas & females.  Intelligent Black Society is not walking around either making up excuses for the evils of white supremacy or just simply walking around with our heads held down hoping our name does not become the next trending hashtag on Twitter.  Those within Intelligent Black Society are continually educating themselves strictly for the purpose of building for the future.  Not just building for their own future, but for the future of Black society period.  Unfortunately, Intelligent Black Society is the tiny minority population of Black society.  You can equate us to what W.E.B Du Bois described as The Talented Tenth.  Sadly too many in Black society view The Talented Tenth as a bad thing, but the reality is, every group of people has a talented tenth.  These are the people who do the necessary work to get the job done.  You see them on your job in the form of the 80/20 rule.  80% of the people at a job only do 20% of the work while 20% of the people do 80% of the work.  So why would this be any different in regards to the overall progression of Black society?  Why take offense when it’s clear that too many in Black society aren’t doing a damn thing but simply trying to get some sex & exist?

Don’t believe me…go do an honest assessment of your own family.

Your favorite mulatto.
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