“Stop Blaming White People For Racism!”…Said A Rebel Flag Supporter To Me

So yesterday I found myself engaged in another discussion about the Confederate flag with a bunch of white people vehemently defending the right for that flag to fly on government property.  Interesting, this discussion was taking place on the Facebook fan page of a local newspaper in my area.  Equally interesting is how the admin for that fan page deleted all of my comments, regardless of the fact that my comments were respectful, thought provoking, & challenging these white supporters of the Confederate flag to face some hard truths about the history of this flag they revere so much.  What I discovered through this dialogue (I wish I had of captured some screenshots of) was that…a lot of white people honestly do not give a damn about history.  A lot of white people who are out in the streets or online jumping up & down about South Carolina taking down the rebel flag, a lot of these people simply just do not give 2 fucks about learning the history of that flag & why it was created in the first place.  They really do not care.  They willfully choose to blindly believe in the ole “Southern heritage/pride” bullshit while purposefully neglecting to learn about what this heritage & pride was built off of.  Real talk, these redneck bastards flat out do not give a fuck.  And the main reason they do not give a fuck is because they treat this flag coming down like the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back.  They see this rebel flag as possibly the last visible display of white dominance & the retiring of this flag flying on government property is signifying to them that this is the beginning of the end of the practice of systematic racism & white supremacy.  That’s honestly how these dumbasses feel about the Confederate flag.  All attempts to inject logic, reasoning, history, & symbolism into the discussion are futile.  All they see is the white race coming to an end.

I really wish I had some screen shots of my conversation on this local newspaper’s Facebook fan page..but oh well.  On this fan page (whom I’m not about to show any love to by mentioning them on my website), they posted an article from their website asking people how they feel about the Confederate flag officially being retired from the South Carolina State House property and as you can imagine, white people were all up in their feels.  The were saying shit like:

“They’re taking our rights away!”
“The South will rise again!”
“What about Black on Black crime?!”
“Southern Pride, Southern Heritage!”

Blah blah blah blah…all of the stereotypical “white” shit you would expect a bunch of pissed off white supporters of this flag to say.  I typed a comment of about 3 or 4 short paragraphs giving a quick history of that flag.  You can learn about that history HERE.  Anyways, as soon as I explained to these people what the true intent of the rebel flag was, I opened the door to people saying shit like this; now this is an actual comment that I DID screenshot:


Well ummm…who is responsible for creating, practicing, & constructing a system of racism to begin with?  I’ll take WHITE PEOPLE for $1000 Alex.

That comment left by that lady was a comment that was in response to my brief overview of how & why the Confederate flag came to be.  Nowhere in that discussion did I flat out blame white people, yet she took that knowledge (that she obviously lacks) as an attack on all white people when in reality just like the rest, she has no fucking clue about the history of the Confederate flag beyond the Dukes of Hazzard tv show.  Next she tells me to get my facts straight.  This was another popular response I had received from about 10 other people on that thread.  Yet, when you ask them to provide the names of books or website links to credible sources so I can “get my facts straight”  NOT ONE OF THEM could provide me with any information.  NOT ONE!  But guess what, I took it even deeper than the Onyx Truth with the “facts”.  I redirected these rebel flag supporters to read the ACTUAL Declaration of Causes of Seceeding States, you know, the shit that was written by these dead Confederate white supremacists who committed treason all so they could justify in their minds the right to enslave Africans.  Here’s a sample of this bullshit:

“Our new Government is founded exactly the opposite ideas; its foundations are laid, its cornerstone rests, upon the great truth that THE NEGRO IS NOT EQUAL to the white man; that SLAVERY, SUBORDINATION to the SUPERIOR RACE, is HIS NATURAL and NORMAL CONDITION.” — Alexander Stephens, Vice President of the Confederacy.

White people are not trying to hear this shit!  White people who support the Confederate flag flying on government property do not give a damn about the ideals behind the history of that flag & why so many Black Americans find it offensive.  They honestly do not give a single fuck nor do they even want to learn about it.  White people do not want people destroying their lily white worldview about how evil a lot of these muthafuckas were back in the day.  White people are quick to tell Black people that racism is over & slavery was a thing of the past, but these same white people will not take that same approach in regards to that racist ass piece of cloth that stood for absolutely nothing but the oppression of Black people.  They do not want to fucking hear it.  And this is why America will continue to have fucked up race relations issues for the foreseeable future because it’s just too many damn white people who do not want to own up to the shit their culture has done, is doing, & the shit they on an individual scale are probably doing whether they realize it or not.  But yet, Black people are the ones deemed crazy & just making shit up all of the time.  Get the fuck outta here with the bullshit!

A white guy told me yesterday, and I quote:  “I just feel like after many years of getting it WRONG historically we as Americans must start to change our views for our children.”

I responded:  “You mean WHITE people need to change.  Every other minority group merely REACTS to white supremacy.”

This is a problem I have as well.  Some white people love to make it seem like all of these racial issues are just one big ass problem everybody is responsible for creating when that is just simply not the case.  Black society has always REACTED to the ill will ways of racism & white supremacy.  Everything we in Black society do is designed to counter the effects of 400+ years of systemic white supremacy.  If the majority of white people would stop being so fucking intellectually lazy & actually take the time to learn about their ancestors & how the majority of them really got down in regards to Africans, they would probably be shell shocked.  But then again, a lot of them would probably feel like Dylan Roof to a certain extent and feel like their ancestors didn’t go far enough in maintaining that Black people remain second class citizens, property, or just flat out exterminating Black people all together.  So just like I posted to the Onyx Truth Facebook fan page yesterday, I’ll post it here as well:

When white people who support the Confederate flag hit you with the ole “Black people sold Blacks into slavery in Africa”, “slavery existed all over the world in the past”, or any other misguided bullshit rhetoric they can concoct to justify that flag flying on governement property…understand that that is just an EXCUSE to justify in THEIR mind the sanctity of maintaining the oppression of Black people here in America.

Here’s a little secret white America:  Black people do not give a damn about you flying that flag on your personal property, wearing your t-shirts & belt buckles, or adorning your car with rebel flag bumper stickers.  Do your thing.  That is your American right to do so.  But when you insist on that flag flying on government property, property that is supposed to be a representation of ALL THE PEOPLE of that state, then Black society has a problem.  No Black person in their right mind sees that flag as a symbol of Southern heritage or Southern pride.  Explain to me how my ancestors who were forced to be in bondage, tortured, raped, mutilated, killed, families purposely broken apart…explain to me where in the hell is the Southern pride or heritage in that from the Black perspective?  For white people who want to maintain this “heritage & pride” flying on government property, well I fully understand why you view it as pride because your ass never viewed Black people as human to begin with.  You’ve carried on the Southern heritage & pride tradition of the oppression of Black people that your ancestors passed down through the years.  And by you being so determined to see that bullshit flag fly on govenment property, you are really telling America that you wish to keep Black people oppressed.  That’s it.  So miss me with the bullshit.

To Governor Haley of South Carolina, I commend you on signing the bill to take down the Confederate flag so you can toss the piece shit in the basement of a museum somewhere behind a dusty ass box full of trash where it belongs.  If you are white & reading this & in full support of that flag flying on government property and you take offense to me labeling you as a white supremacist…too bad.  Fuck you.

Your favorite mulatto.
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