Men & Women Need To Learn To Keep Their Hands To Their Fucking Selves

Over the last few days I’ve been watching various news stories discussing the physical assault incident involving former FSU quarterback De’Andre Johnson.  I’m pretty sure most of you have seen the video footage by now of De’Andre Johnson punching the female in the face at the bar and we all can agree that his actions were dead wrong.  But, if you read any of my writings, you know I always have to find the other angle hardly anybody wants to talk about it & this angle is primarly focused on the female involved in this incident as well.  Out of all of the news stories I’ve either read up on or watched on TV surrounding this incident, without a doubt they ALL view De’Andre Johnson’s actions as inexcusable but…oh & this is a very big BUT in my opinion…NOBODY & I mean nobody (from what I’ve saw) has deemed the female’s actions inexcusable.  Now exactly what am I talking about?  Glad you asked.  You see, we live in a culture that teaches & preaches that men are to never hit a woman under no circumstances whatsoever & I agree with that message…to a certain extent.  BUT, we also live in a culture that rarely, if ever, teaches women to NOT hit men.  As a matter of fact, it is damn near almost acceptable behavior for a woman to hit a man.  If you don’t believe me, watch the video below:

In the above video, the moment the man became the aggressor & started to place his hands on the woman, everybody came out of the woodworks to defend the woman or break up the abuse, rightfully so.  However, when the tables were turned around and it was the woman who was the aggressor & the abuser, bystanders witnessing the abuse found the incident comical.  My question is, what exactly is so amusing about witnessing physical abuse?  The reason why this was so “amusing” in regards to the female abuser is because in our society we love to preach that women are 100% equal to men in all aspects of life EXCEPT when it comes to domestic abuse.  We preach that sexism is wrong (which it is) but as a society we have absolutely no issue with upholding sexism in the realm of domestic violence.  Meaning, regardless of if a woman is a physical abuser, the message we continually preach is that NO MATTER WHAT a man is NOT to lay hands on a woman because the moment he decides to respond to physical abuse from a woman in a physical way all of a sudden a woman will toss the “I’m a woman, you’re not supposed to hit me!” flag in the air.  Now all of a sudden men & women are no longer equals.

Now before you start thinking that I’m an advocate for men hitting women, understand that I am not.  In my opinion everyone needs to keep their fucking hands to themselves period.  But also understand that I am not one of those men who walks around here thinking that NO MATTER WHAT a man should NEVER hit a woman under any circumstance.  I am a firm believer that nobody is above getting the shit slapped out of them if the situation is warranted & justified.  Exactly what do I mean by “warranted & justified”?  If slapping a woman with an open hand is THE ONLY last resort method a man can do to get a physically abusive woman off of him to end the physical abuse, then so be it.  Of course I believe all men should attempt to walk away or do whatever they have to do in a non-physical manner to restrain an abusive woman, but let’s just keep it real…there are some crazy bitches out there who will just keep coming & coming & coming & DARE you to hit them back while they keep coming & coming at you.  And if you do not think these type of woman exist, you’re fucking lying to yourself.  These type of women DO EXIST and these type of women are more than likely the type of women who have grown up brainwashed by this belief that a man is to NEVER EVER hit a woman AT ALL, thereby allowing her to think she can do what the fuck she wants to the man all willy nilly.  But nobody likes to talk about that.

Now look at the video of De’Andre Johnson & the woman he punched in the face:

If you watch the video, you’ll notice at the 16 second mark, the woman became the initial aggressor by raising a closed fist to De’Andre Johnson.  De’Andre Johnson then proceeds to grab her arm with the closed fist to obviously prevent her from striking him with it.  There is some slight tussle going on next as the woman tries to get him off of her, then she proceeds to throw a punch at his face with her left hand.  Finally, almost out of an automatic reaction, he punched her in the face.

Now we can all jump up & down (as the media & social media has) about him punching her in the face & saying that a man should never hit a woman…but how come no one is calling out the woman who started the entire event which lead to her getting punched in the face?  Why?  Simple.  She’s a woman.  We’ve all been taught that men should never hit a woman while silently finding it acceptable for women to hit men.  Do I cosign De’Andre Johnson punching this woman in the face?  Absolutely not because in this scenario, him punching her wasn’t a last resort tactic to diffusing the situation.  He could have easily walked away or found a less forceful approach to controlling this violent woman.  Do I cosign this woman starting all of this shit to begin with?  Absolutely not.  She should have kept her fucking hands to herself and none of this would have probably happened at all.  But that’s not what everybody wants to focus on.  She started this shit & now he’s the one being forced to suffer the consequences.  What about her?

Here’s another aspect to ponder over as to why too many people (especially women) don’t think much about whether or not it is ok for women to hit men:

I’m 6 foot 1 inch & weigh 225 lbs with athletic build of sorts.  I’m a firm believer that if a woman isn’t some type of athlete on the collegiate or professional level, the everyday average woman doesn’t have a chance in hell of physically overpowering me even if I had my hands tied behind my back.  I’m just keeping it real.  The everyday average woman cannot beat me up.  It’s just not going to happen.  The everyday average woman in most cases probably can’t overpower or beat up the everyday average man as well.  The average man is just naturally stronger than your average woman.  So with that being said, I personally see no need to demonstrate my physical dominance over a woman in that aspect because I know & she knows just from looking at me…she’s not going to win.  Also consider this, most women have probably never felt the full force of a punch by a man.  Your everyday average man could probably knock a woman out or cause serious damage to your everday average woman with just one punch…seriously.  The physical differences between men & women exist for a reason (reasons I’m not about to dive into on this article).

I say all of that to say this:

Being that our society doesn’t go out of its way to teach women to keep their hands to themselves like they do that of men, if women actually knew what it felt like for a man to truly physically dominate them, I think most women would have second thoughts about striking a man.  I say striking in terms of a woman starting a physical altercation.  Also, understand I am in no way advocating for men to begin punching women like they would a man so women can know what it feels like.  I am trying to make a point that women who think it’s ok to hit men FIRST and honestly expect for a man to not strike them back are fucking delusional because more than likely these women have never truly been physically manhandled to that degree.  All most women know is men are to never hit back.  To that I say, that is a very dangerous way of viewing the world.  Obviously De’Andre Johnson failed to practice restraint in response to the female aggressor in his case, but this just goes to show that not every man thinks like me in terms of whether or not a man should hit a woman back.  And unfortunately for this woman who started this physical altercation, she had to learn the hard way that men & women are not 100% equals on every level.  She also had to unfortunately learn that not every man is just going to simply walk away after being physically attacked by a woman.

As I’ve stated already in this article, I’m not an advocate of domestic violence.  I’m not an advocate of men fighting men, women fighting women, men on women, women on men, etc.  I think EVERYBODY needs to keep their fucking hands to themselves UNLESS physical violence is the ONLY way to get out of a situation.  But, if you are a woman who thinks that it is ok for a woman to be physically aggressive towards a man and you honestly believe that a man is just supposed to sit there & take it or try to walk away, I got some news for you…you are fucking delusional & you might want to rethink somethings in regards to your safety when it involves you instigating physical altercations with men.  Every man is not going to respond the exact same way.

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