Black Society’s Fascination With Pointless Symbolism That Solves Nothing…#FreeBree

Listen, I’ll be the first to tell you that I do NOT support the Confederate flag being flown on any government property period.  Government institutions are supposed to be a representation of ALL THE PEOPLE not just a select few who feel a certain way about things.  If you as an individual want to hang that Confederate flag on your personal propery, do your thing.  If you choose to fly that flag on your personal propery because you choose to believe in the sanitized whitewashed version of the “heritage” of that flag, do your thing as well.  I’m not interested in trying to change your perceptions about that flag truthfully because at then end of the day, me trying to get you to fully comprehend that Southern “pride/heritage” was built off the backs of enslaved Africans is beyond pointless & solves absolutely nothing moving forward towards true progression for Black society.  The same way how I view arguing with people in support of the Confederate flag is the same way I feel when I see Black people demonstrating absolutely pointless displays of symbolism that do absolutely nothing to create real tangible means of Black progression….as in the case of the lady named Bree Newsome who climbed the South Carolina Statehouse flagpole to remove the Confederate flag.  Sure it was symbolic, sure Black people all over social media are cheering at the symbolism, but what does it actually solve.  Not a damn thing.

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Around 6:30 am on June 27, 2015 in Columbia, South Carolina, Bree Newsome was arrested for climbing the flagpole in front of the South Carolina Statehouse to remove the Confederate flag.  All over social media this woman is being revered as some type of hero because she had to the courage to climb a flagpole.  On one website, they’re saying shit like “Bree Newsome actually did the Blackest thing I’ve ever seen” & across the black blog chitlin’ circuit running this story, it’s pretty much damn near the same thing.  You know what the Blackest thing that I’ve ever seen in recent history was?  Watching Dr. Cornel West on live TV explain to America what a niggerized Black person was.

*le sigh*

Black people appear to be so desperate for a victory in the war against racism & white supremacy that we’ll just settle for cheering for anything.  Somebody explain to me exactly how climbing a flagpole to remove a flag just so you can get arrested & the powers that be putting the Confederate flag right back up is all of a sudden somehow a cause for cheer?  What did it solve?  It seems like the only thing that came about was the hashtag heros of social media creating another hashtag to add to their arsenal.

Symbolism appears to be what too many in Black society actually want.  We march up & down the streets every month begging for the dominant society to stop slaughtering us, yet getting no results.  Truth is, too many people are not interested in getting results.  They are purely interested in the symbolism of marching because when the marching stops, many of these people will become null & void as far as true Black progression is concerned.  Every time a white supremacists or rouge cop kills a member of Black society the very first thing too many of us do is offer the killers our forgiveness.  We are not interested in attaining true justice.  We are merely interested in the symbolism of religion as a way to shield us from having to face the reality of the problem & the stone cold reality of the people who kill us.  So now we are climbing flagpoles to take down racist flags not because we honestly give a damn about removing that flag from government property.  We are merely interested in the symbolism of the act because too many of us know at the end of the day….we are truly powerless to properly challenge white supremacy due to the fact that Black society is broke.  Broke in the sense that we do not properly use our money to fight our battles.  Everybody else does..ask the gay population.

Sooooooo….let the celebration for more symbolism continue to sedate our reality.  #FreeBree.

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