Just Because Kanye Approves Of Some Bullshit Doesn’t Mean ALL BLACK People Must Approve Of It

If there is anything I’ve learned over the last 10 years or so, you CANNOT have any type of discussion on issues surrounding race relations without sprinkling a little bit of Kanye West into the mix.  For some people, talking about racism is equivalent to playing spades & they treat Kanye West like he’s the big joker they plan to slap on the table as the ultimate trump card that has the final say in how we are to proceed with these discussions.  Seriously, we could be talking about how white people identify flavors of Kool-Aid compared to Black people (you know…cherry vs. red) and somehow Kanye will find his way into the discussion to let me know that all flavors of Kool-Aid are to be identified as Kan-Yaid from here on out simply because Kanye West said so & I need to get with the program.  The reality is, when people find random Black people, especially celebrities, who tend to either do and/or say things that often times go against the grain of how many in Black society feel about a subject, what we are really being told is this:

“This Black person is a highly public, successful, & visible Black person.  He obviously sees things differently.  So being that you are Black as well, you should be thinking & acting just like him because it is obvious that he is the epitome of Blackness.  He sets the standards for how the rest you Blacks are to conduct yourselves moving forward regardless of how you may feel.  We love this particular Black guy & you should too!”

Who taught you how to shuck-n-jive & step-n-fetch it?  Yeezy taught me…

Well, you knew it wouldn’t be long before Yeezy had to be thrown into this Confederate flag fiasco.  A lot of white folks AND Black folks hit me with the “B-B-B-But, Kanye West was was selling Confederate flag paraphernalia not too long ago!”  To that I say, so the fuck what?  Am I now supposed to start flying the stars & bars over my house & start slapping Confederate flag bumper stickers on my cars all because Kanye West was trying to capitalize off a symbol reflecting a heritage of hate?  Oh yes great Kanyeezy, please show us po lil ignant knee grows the way!  Fuxx outta here.

So Mr. Yeezy, why were you selling clothing with Confederate flags on them?

“I just think people look cool in it.  They look nice.  And it’s colorless also.  It’s super hood and super white boy approved at the same time.  That’s really what my style has always been.”  — Kanye West

It’s super hood & white boy approved at the same time..welp…the great Yeezus has spoken.  I guess I am now obligated to change my views on the Confederate flag all because Yeezus gave it two thumbs up.

Personally, I could give a damn about what Kanye wants to sell, wear, or whatever.  That is his American right to do so & I’m not about to infringe upon his right to do so…I just don’t have to support it in way, shape, or form.  I’m simply not a fan of people who try to prop people up like Kanye West as if he is the official voice of Black society as if I am incapable of thinking & formulating my own ideals about life my damn self.  It’s not just Kanye people inject into discussions like this.  Frankly anytime a Black celebrity gets in front of the national media and says or does something that is in direct support of how a majority of white people feel about a subject all of a sudden these Black celebrities are paraded around as the “offical” voice of Black society & those of us within Black society who feel differently, well….you niggas are crazy.  You knee grows are different.  My personal favorite…you kneegrows are militant.

So hey you…yes you, Mr. Kanye West dick rider; Kanye West is NOT the official representation of Black society.  Matter of fact, THERE IS NO OFFICIAL BLACK SOCIETY VOICE.  There are just a bunch of Black people who believe what they choose to believe & live their lives as such.  Stop acting like Black people are just monlithic in thought.  Just because Kanye appears to support these schenanigans doesn’t mean I support this bullshit.

Your favorite mulatto.
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