White Conservatives Suck at Math

Onyx Contributor:  Johnny Silvercloud (@JohnnySilverclo)

I got into a very interesting conversation with a white conservative a couple of days ago.  It all began with a conversation on lawless police in the United States.  Naturally, the fellow decided to up the volume and rant a bit, overall attempting to justify the irrational, petty, and ruthless behavior of police officers.  For some reason, like most, he began to rabbit-hole down into a white supremacist ideology — pointing out that white people are not the majority in America.


This categorically absurd factoid is often found in conservative media.  Seemingly, it serves the purpose to rile up fear in white people, the fear of becoming a minority.  This fear of becoming a minority is a core fear I’ve identified years ago, which is written here.

Anyway, I find it hilarious on how adamant this conservative fellow was on this factoid (emphasis on the usage of factoid, because it isn’t a real fact).  Just sheer numbers, how is it possible to acquire a numerical value of a majority over seventy-seven percent?   Once you hit 51%, that’s a majority. No matter what, 49% will never surpass, or be a majority over 51%.

Here in this case, we are dealing with seventy-seven percent, which means that the minority is met at twenty-three percent. That’s 77% over 23%, for those who want to see numbers.

The scariest part of this “conversation” with this conservative white fellow, was the fact that he, in his head, seems to add up everyone else who isn’t white and stack them up against whites, as if it’s an “us versus them” thing.  Even if he tried, looking at the pie graph with whites being represented with blue, there’s not enough of the rest to be majority over the blue.  The biggest part is blue even when you add all the non-blue slices up.  For this angry white male, seemingly deranged, to become irate by arbitrarily lumping all non-whites into a category, he has to be very misinformed (read: brainwashed) with little to no real grasp of reality… even as a white heterosexual Christian male, full of sociological privilege.

I wondered where he gets his info from.  Should I research some more?  Should I guess?  Should I take a stab at conservative talk shows and other media?  Anyway you slice it, this guy (and anyone else like him) needs to kill his T.V.

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