What Black Society Fails To Understand About Rachel Dolezal

It’s been a few days now since Rachel Dolezal was exposed for being a white woman posing as a black woman & the think pieces across the internet have exploded…so now I’m going to give mines.

First & foremost, if you’ve been reading my articles or listening to my podcasts on the Onyx Truth then without a doubt, you should already know that I’m strictly about Black empowerment period.  My number one priority is to speak on issues that directly impact & effect Black society.  Everything else that you may come across on the Onyx Truth that was not written by me is everyone else’s opinion.

When it comes to Rachel Dolezal, I’m just going to be blunt about this:

Rachel Dolezal goes harder for Black society than 99% of Black people.  Everything about her personal life leading up to her identity crisis, to her educational background, to her professional background is in favor of Black empowerment.  I talked about her background on my last podcast and if you really start to dig into her background beyond her lie, you too will discover that she goes harder in the paint for Black society that your typical knee grow.  But the majority of us in Black society refuse to see beyond the lie to begin to understand WHY she began to lie in the first place because once you start peeling back the layers to Rachel Dolezal, you’ll begin to see that she is not about hashtag campaigns, marching, praying, singing, & that social media activist life.  She’s about that life of getting thoroughly educated on the community she chooses to identify with AND taking that knowledge & applying it towards professional settings where the possibility of creating or influencing REAL change towards the progression of Black empowerment can actually come to fruition.  Now you tell me how many niggas do you know that are going above & beyond to become thoroughly educated in Black history/culture & trying to work in social justice fields to apply this knowledge for the betterment of Black society.  Hardly any.  Most niggas definition of activism is buying some new marching shoes & getting their Twitter hashtag game on.

Here’s another aspect to ponder in regards to Rachel Dolezal

When it comes to the continuous progression of white society, there are niggas out there who are willing to ride till the wheels fall off for white supremacy.  The moment we in Black society get a WHITE PERSON to ride for Black empowerment, Black people all of a sudden have a problem.  The dominant society has people like Jesse Lee Peterson, Stacey Dash, Allan West, Clarence Thomas, Charles Barkley, etc who have absolutely no problem doing the dominant society’s bidding all in the name of getting a Scooby snack & a pat on the head.  Yet, the moment a white woman decides to ride for Black society…it’s a problem.  I’m not talking about riding for Black society in the sense of a Tim Wise or Elijah Hamilton, I’m talking about fully embracing Black culture to the point where she honestly thinks she is one.  Yes, I understand that her actually pretending to Black is a bit crazy, but truth be told, I’m willing to overlook that simply based off of her educational & professional background.  You see when it comes to people like Tim Wise & Elijah Hamilton, although their work is valuable, they are NOT trying to practice Black empowerment.  They are simply trying to change white minds only.  In the case of Rachel Dolezal, she’s actually out there practicing Black empowerment.  She’s not trying to change white minds, she’s trying to help Black people pursue Black empowerment because deep down inside she actually identifies with Black people simply due to circumstances of her family; which I talked about on my last podcast as well.

Sure, we can all get all up in a fuss & accuse this white lady of wearing “Black face” & putting on a fraud.  That is a legit problem to take issue with, I get it.  BUT…once your anger cools off & you start peeling back the layers to this woman’s life & what she’s truly all about, if you are Black & about Black empowerment & can’t see that this white woman is about Black empowerment too based off her educational & professional background, then I challenge you to check your priorities.

Lastly think about this, Rachel Dolezal for the last decade has been running around telling EVERYONE she is a Black woman.  She has thoroughly educated herself in Black history & Black culture.  Her professional background is geared towards dealing with Black society’s issues.  She probably wakes up every morning to make sure her physical appearance resembles that of a light skin Black woman; which for a white woman has GOT TO be a daily challenge.  She’s married to a Black man, she has adoptive Black siblings that she’s fought the courts for custody of.  When you get down to it, Rachel Dolezal has committed the ultimate FUCK YOU to white supremacy…she doesn’t even want to be viewed or confused with being a white woman.  Now we can say she has some severe mental issues (which I don’t think she has any) OR we can look at this as Black society gaining a TRUE ally in the struggle for Black empowerment.

When it comes down to it, I honestly do not give a fuck how a person “comes to be” for the fight for Black empowerment, just as long as they are fighting for Black empowerment.

Your favorite mulatto.


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