What Black Society Fails To Understand About Rachel Dolezal

It’s been a few days now since Rachel Dolezal was exposed for being a white woman posing as a black woman & the think pieces across the internet have exploded…so now I’m going to give mines.

First & foremost, if you’ve been reading my articles or listening to my podcasts on the Onyx Truth then without a doubt, you should already know that I’m strictly about Black empowerment period.  My number one priority is to speak on issues that directly impact & effect Black society.  Everything else that you may come across on the Onyx Truth that was not written by me is everyone else’s opinion.

When it comes to Rachel Dolezal, I’m just going to be blunt about this:

Rachel Dolezal goes harder for Black society than 99% of Black people.  Everything about her personal life leading up to her identity crisis, to her educational background, to her professional background is in favor of Black empowerment.  I talked about her background on my last podcast and if you really start to dig into her background beyond her lie, you too will discover that she goes harder in the paint for Black society that your typical knee grow.  But the majority of us in Black society refuse to see beyond the lie to begin to understand WHY she began to lie in the first place because once you start peeling back the layers to Rachel Dolezal, you’ll begin to see that she is not about hashtag campaigns, marching, praying, singing, & that social media activist life.  She’s about that life of getting thoroughly educated on the community she chooses to identify with AND taking that knowledge & applying it towards professional settings where the possibility of creating or influencing REAL change towards the progression of Black empowerment can actually come to fruition.  Now you tell me how many niggas do you know that are going above & beyond to become thoroughly educated in Black history/culture & trying to work in social justice fields to apply this knowledge for the betterment of Black society.  Hardly any.  Most niggas definition of activism is buying some new marching shoes & getting their Twitter hashtag game on.

Here’s another aspect to ponder in regards to Rachel Dolezal

When it comes to the continuous progression of white society, there are niggas out there who are willing to ride till the wheels fall off for white supremacy.  The moment we in Black society get a WHITE PERSON to ride for Black empowerment, Black people all of a sudden have a problem.  The dominant society has people like Jesse Lee Peterson, Stacey Dash, Allan West, Clarence Thomas, Charles Barkley, etc who have absolutely no problem doing the dominant society’s bidding all in the name of getting a Scooby snack & a pat on the head.  Yet, the moment a white woman decides to ride for Black society…it’s a problem.  I’m not talking about riding for Black society in the sense of a Tim Wise or Elijah Hamilton, I’m talking about fully embracing Black culture to the point where she honestly thinks she is one.  Yes, I understand that her actually pretending to Black is a bit crazy, but truth be told, I’m willing to overlook that simply based off of her educational & professional background.  You see when it comes to people like Tim Wise & Elijah Hamilton, although their work is valuable, they are NOT trying to practice Black empowerment.  They are simply trying to change white minds only.  In the case of Rachel Dolezal, she’s actually out there practicing Black empowerment.  She’s not trying to change white minds, she’s trying to help Black people pursue Black empowerment because deep down inside she actually identifies with Black people simply due to circumstances of her family; which I talked about on my last podcast as well.

Sure, we can all get all up in a fuss & accuse this white lady of wearing “Black face” & putting on a fraud.  That is a legit problem to take issue with, I get it.  BUT…once your anger cools off & you start peeling back the layers to this woman’s life & what she’s truly all about, if you are Black & about Black empowerment & can’t see that this white woman is about Black empowerment too based off her educational & professional background, then I challenge you to check your priorities.

Lastly think about this, Rachel Dolezal for the last decade has been running around telling EVERYONE she is a Black woman.  She has thoroughly educated herself in Black history & Black culture.  Her professional background is geared towards dealing with Black society’s issues.  She probably wakes up every morning to make sure her physical appearance resembles that of a light skin Black woman; which for a white woman has GOT TO be a daily challenge.  She’s married to a Black man, she has adoptive Black siblings that she’s fought the courts for custody of.  When you get down to it, Rachel Dolezal has committed the ultimate FUCK YOU to white supremacy…she doesn’t even want to be viewed or confused with being a white woman.  Now we can say she has some severe mental issues (which I don’t think she has any) OR we can look at this as Black society gaining a TRUE ally in the struggle for Black empowerment.

When it comes down to it, I honestly do not give a fuck how a person “comes to be” for the fight for Black empowerment, just as long as they are fighting for Black empowerment.

Your favorite mulatto.


  1. Michael Katide

    June 15, 2015 at 7:58 am

    You are profoundly correct about accepting Rachel. It so happens that the principal difference between western identity and African identity is how it is derived. The western identity is predicated on a sense of possession (“My family”, “my community”, education, job, assets, genotype, phenotype, etc.). But the African identity derives from a sense of belonging (“The family to which I belong”, “the community to which I belong”, etc.). This is the essence of ubuntu.

    No matter the identity paradigm, our identity is more a function of self-perception and actual experience (under this falls a host of things such as culture, education, etc.) than anything else. If it were not so, Booker T, Douglas et.al. could not have risen much.

    As for the “lie”… well, it has been said that a statement is true if it agrees with reality. Therefore, for a statement to be false it must, necessarily, contradict reality. Is the plurality of the human race a reality or fiction? I have still not accepted the notion that differences in genes or their expression amount to a new race. If so, what % delta qualifies? If the plurality of the human race is indeed fictitious, then it it not possible to condemn Rachel as having lied. To condemn Rachel of lying is to implicitly accept superficial characterisation as worth more than character assessment in defining human identity – in which case all this cop bashing over racial profiling should have to cease immediately.

    • I AM POP SLAG.

      June 17, 2015 at 2:35 pm

      no mate shes a histrionic narcissistic pathologically lying attention seeking psychopath, her whole pesona and culture an imagined , plagiarised and utterly cognitively dissonant con…and your an idiot for not spotting that the woman has a brain disorder.
      psychopathy, no amygdalae functioning correctly….a natural born emotional deceiver who likes to pretend shes black because she can play the pro victim card despite actually having no experience of what its like growing up black- she copied her adopted sibklings it seemed after a appropriating their blackness as a child.

      • Michael Katide

        June 18, 2015 at 1:09 am

        Sure. I don’t mind being an idiot for not having faculties to be a judge over others. The log in my own eye is too large to see clearly to judge other people’s characters. Hence, I restrict myself to the issues. In this case, the issues are:
        1. What is racism, if not the belief in the existence of multiple human races?
        2. If there are multiple human races, what are the definite, quantifiable differences that amount to a distinct race?

        Most tragically, the African-American community can reject Rachel if, and only if, they themselves have rejected the African identity (see discussion in 1st comment). This would be a zero sum.

        In case the arguments are hard to understand, here is the express version: Truthfulness, mental health are not qualifiers to blackness -except in the case of Rachel. Why? Because she was born into white culture? So we now have separate standards for blackness? If one were born into black culture, then one can be a liar and retain their blackness. But if one were born into a white culture then one cannot adopt black culture unless they be 100% in ethics and morality?

        • I AM POP SLAG.

          June 18, 2015 at 7:39 am

          No- appropriating someone elses identity for attention?
          conning manipulative, callous disregard for others feelings, narcissistic , grandiose, racially insensitive to the prejusdices afgainst black people by pretending to be black yourself?
          she posted herself hatemail…she was and is a professional victim….crocodile tears and even now exposed she calls her parents fantasists?
          like she wasnt their caucasioan child?
          very very nasty. and the saving face behaviour of a psychopath….she will continue to court punblic attention and continue to play tyhe professional victim.
          no one cannot adopt any race….you may adoppt any culture you like if you do it genuinely and honestly and faithfully…if you just want to look like a black person so you can be in thier persecutiion club as you see it?
          ok do it,, get caught and see how much people really hate it when they have been conned by a psychopath.
          oh you did,

        • I AM POP SLAG.

          July 22, 2015 at 8:55 pm

          1.what is racism? if not the belief in the existance of multiple human races.
          its the belief that one race is superior to others, people confuse it with bigotry.
          being anti jewish or antimusllim is not racism for instance but its oft used as that.
          racism as a useful concept has to mean denigrating someone on the basis of their tribal genetic heritage.
          acknowledging inherent genetic differences uis a socially useful aspect of racism.
          like black people are heavier they need stronger furniture.
          chinese people have serious risk factors regarding metabolising achohol.
          light skinned people sunburn. etc etc
          not racist but true and useful.
          but still a bit, you know “racist”- if you must.

          2.genetic lineage and shared genetic characteristics , heritage and origins.thaats race and as we blend? becomes less and less elevant.

          if you would like the faculties?
          here read this , its a genetic disorder alright but race doesnt come into it, brain development and topography is more important.

          doliel abu simbal or whatever this woman calls heself is an insult to people, not just brown people she conned and her own culture she betrayed, its absurd.

          she conned manipulated and even dressed the part, not lying but sucjhh an ommision of truth is horrific.
          some sort of attachment disorder but highly psychopathic in nature.
          totally unempathic for anyone who has acctually had to struggle with racial abuse.
          i look a bit jewish, technically i can join cos ive got the right proportion of matriarchal bullshit going on.
          i got a fir bit of stick for it and i can identify with the black struggle a bit, but im white…im treated as white , if she was doing it as an empathy experiment? its still raw and ugly and misguided and insultory, shes a professional victim,
          the black activists with simliar attitudes?
          al sharpton?
          same m.o.
          not blackface, srtill got a predatory brain, still a cunt.
          fuck blacks fuck whites – its only psychopaths who think in such racially or sexually divisive terms.
          tyou can be on the right side of a fight but be very wrong ndeed and d efectively sabotage your supposed objective by being a fake, a psychopath. a fraud.
          seriously fuck that bitch, fuck her.
          too far.

  2. Nehes Ba'a Rayay

    June 24, 2015 at 10:31 pm

    I wish (We) can talk to Rachael.. Have her join our “Matriarchal” Clan.. U.N.N., Yamassee Tribal Families. Tried to look 4 her on Twitter to ‘Friend’ her. #WhyIsDrYorkTheTargetOfConspiracy???

  3. moplus

    September 29, 2015 at 11:46 am

    You would still be in the cotton fields and relegated to the apartheid that existed in this country until the early seventies if there were no Rachel’s. Blacks would have been massacred, as many were, if some in the white religious community and those white students, i.e. Freedom riders, had not joined forces with blacks for justice and equality. Blacks fighting justice today need more Rachel today as the battle for equality is still being fought today.

  4. OND

    October 24, 2015 at 2:32 pm

    Some interesting points.

  5. Bettina Network, inc.

    March 29, 2017 at 4:03 pm

    Bettina Network has a blog coming out on Rachel Dolezal in a few days. Hope you read it.

  6. Xee

    March 30, 2017 at 5:09 am

    Sorry. Nah. The issue was never her ‘riding hard’ for the black community. The issue with Rachel was her falsifying who she was. I don’t think anyone is saying she did not work hard for the ‘black community’ , but to pretend to be black when your not is disrespecting the entirety of black people, it also vilifies everything she did in good faith. The idea that she could simply apply fake tan, and have a weekly perm and be so easily identified as a black women, that in itself is appalling, what’s worse is that exactly what she wanted. Regardless of her intentions, what she did was wrong and unfair to those who related to her on the basis of her being a black women, those who are subjected to racial abuse everyday. This article references the many black People who aren’t doing anything, when they should be shining a light on those that do, not glorifying or even reasoning with a person who in my eyes cared so little about the rippling affect she would have on the black community once she was exposed.

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